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Two things

Liberal Democrats are known for two things: Eating their own (as with Joe Biden) and snatching defeat from the jaws of victory (as with Hillary). They seem unable to rid themselves of the habit of courting the voters they already have, and believing such things as, “Most people don’t really care about the illegal migrant thing.”

Or believing that because the middle majority despises Trump, they will vote for a Liberal.

Will Brown

Canyon Country

He does respond

So... Guy Marsh, who denies God, his existence, his word, once again, to the surprise of no one, misquotes, mis-interprets, the Bible. How can he do that? #1 — No spiritual knowledge of God, no personal relationship.

#2 - The Bible is written to those who believe in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, not those who don’t ... 
Mr. Marsh also hates America, her symbols, her economic system, her military, and on and on ... By his own words, and he can confirm this, since he, no doubt has cut out every one of the 450+ letters that he proudly states, have been printed, that he wrote, he states that he retired early, and, even so, still hates capitalism — which allowed him the early retirement — makes me wonder, if he lived in a Marxist country, if he would be as well off, or retired? I cannot answer that question, but, I have the opinion that he would not have written even one letter to any paper, anywhere, and he would not be retired.

Mr Marsh: I really do enjoy reading your letters, and almost always write a response. Especially when you respond to a letter I wrote. Since I do not own the paper, I have zero say, if it is to be printed, but rest assured, I do respond.

Skip Thacker



Republicans care

The biggest myths Obama and his pro-open borders allies pushed was that mass migration and open borders posed “no danger to public safety.”

That was a lie. DOJ, William Barr released new figures showing the arrest of illegals for federal crimes increased “234” percent over a 20 year period.

Illegals now make up 64 percent of federal arrests. And, the democrats continue to resist and want open borders. What more proof do Americans need that the Democrat party has no interest in protecting it citizens.

Judy Watson


Why is there

a question?

On Aug. 5, 2019 the market dropped by over 500 points.  

On Aug. 23, 2019 the market again dropped. This time it dropped 623 points. The day before Jerome Powell the newly appointed Federal Reserve chief reduced the interest rate in anticipation of a market change and the selling off of stock by high rollers.

Because he didn’t like Powell’s move the President got on his Tweeter and made acrimonious negative comments. Immediately a sell off begins again.

Wall St., an important leg of our economy contains some of the best economic minds in the country. It is their duty, to their clients, to be aware of the worlds financial condition and to act immediately on any changes. When the president makes a comment regarding any aspect of our economy, they act.

On occasions our leader makes comments on his tweeter that the whole world perceives.

Comments like “Return to your s--t hole countries,” “Put her in jail,” “I will pay for your lawyer” and various other calls for the abuse of his opposition.  

Now if some of the best economic brains in our country take the president at his word, and immediately react to his mere comments why is there a question that the presidents ramblings do not affect the actions of his constituents.

Ed Galindo

Quartz Hill

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