Letters from readers, October 9, 2019

‘Sheer arrogance’

In his 3 Oct 2019 to this newspaper, Mr. Kilanowski stated that there is a “Resistance” going on with Democrats who want “to change the people’s choice of president of the United States… by declaring that ‘this president is illegitimate.’” Kilanowski blames media outlets such as CNN and MSNBC and includes the editor of the AV Press, saying that “liberal progressive foot soldiers vomit negativity.”

Finally, Kilanowski lists President Trump’s accomplishments ranging from tax reform to immigration. It is unknown why Kilanowski did not mention Fox News. Fox News Analyst Andrew Napolitano said that “…President Trump’s action towards Ukraine are ‘arguably impeachable… The president has admitted to holding up nearly $400 million in aid until he got a political favor, his word – ‘favor’ – from the president of Ukraine.” Is Fox News part of the resistance as well?

Since Trump has been president, Kilanowski implies that Trump has not done anything wrong. It is the “Resistance” that prevents him from making America great again. The definition of hypocrite is a “person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feeling.”  Kilanowski states Trump’s accomplishments to the economy.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, under Trump, the deficit has grown to $1 trillion for the 2020 fiscal year. The reason is the Trump tax cuts in which less revenue is being collected due to Trump reducing taxes to corporations to 21%. Tax revenue has fallen more than $430 billion.

It is sheer arrogance to read letters over the years like Kilanowski that leave out the fact that Trump’s lies have affected the direction of this country. If Obama did one tenth of what Trump has done, Obama would have been impeached. I would rather eat a hamburger at Democrat’s table than a steak at a Republican’s table.

Vincent White


Lying or wrong?

With all due respect to my fellow Americans, most of us simply don’t know that a “liberal/progressive” is not the same thing as a “socialist.”

A true “socialist” is someone who wants all of the businesses and workplaces to be owned and controlled by “the state” or “the government” or “the workers” or “the people” and not by individuals and groups of people who run them for profit as we have here in the USA.

The overwhelming majority of Democrats want our federal government to spend more on social programs to help the lower and middle classes as they struggle to survive and pay their bills.  

They are not “socialists.” They are “liberals/progressives” who want our market-based capitalist economy to become more humane (and not replaced) by having our federal government spend more to help the lower and middle classes.  

They know all too well that there has never been a truly “Socialist” society in which socialism produced enough wealth to meet people’s basic needs. It has never “worked.” Thus, while most Americans seem to not be aware of this, and while conservative-Republicans and the conservative news media do not want the American people to be aware of this, most Democrats want our federal government to be more like those of almost every one of our traditional allies which spend more than we do, in proportion to their population sizes. On helping the lower and middle classes.  

None of our allies are “socialist” and they know it.

To put this simply, President Trump and the conservative news media who are calling Democrats “socialists” are either intentionally lying to the people, or are poorly-informed and just plain wrong.

Stewart B. Epstein

Rochester, New York  

Voters speak through elections

In response to Katie Hill’s visit to Littlerock HS - It is easier to convince high school students on the popular vote, than it is to challenge their critical thinking of political ideologies.

As I taught my children: doing the right thing is often not popular. Decidedly more difficult & time consuming, is researching multiple points of view, and compare & contrast with historical facts - not merely consuming the popular narrative of the day.  

I strongly suggest the AV Press & the Signal newspapers conduct community polls with fair & equal representation of the voters, to determine the percentages of those that are pro or con impeachment of our duly elected President.  

Our congressional district must be fairly represented, & I suspect Congresswoman Hill is not doing a fair job. I also suggest the editors host debates between the incumbent & challenger(s) in each of our communities.

Ceci Hoerner


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