Letters from readers, October 10, 2019

Be prepared

There is a book called “Brotherhood of Heroes” that tells the story of the Americans’ battle to capture the Island of Peleliu in the Pacific during World War ll.

The author pulls no punches in describing the horrific battle for the island with the Japanese willing to die in their attempt to keep the Americans from taking it. It’s the kind of book that many people would point to and say, “That’s why we should never go to war.”

And they’re right! War isn’t all marching music and glory. It’s about eighteen-year-olds getting a hand shot off or their chin shot off or another being gut shot with his intestines laying on the ground, dying, telling his buddy goodbye. Or the agony of the best friend watching him die. That is what     war is.

The problem is that there are sometimes despotic leaders of countries who don’t care about human life, even their own people. So, if we indicate that we won’t go to war again and those types of leaders know it, they won’t hesitate to brutalize their neighbors or even their own people. So, what are we supposed to do?

I believe we always have to be ready to go war and even willing, given a just cause.

Norm Wiggins


Kudos to the Coalition

I applaud the Antelope Valley Homeless Coalition in their effort to end homelessness.

Having read the AV Press article several times and the coalitions goal, I have come to the conclusion that their stated goal will only produce more money thrown at the problem which will not end homelessness.

Keep in mind please, I don’t have a solution for this problem. I do however believe that Gordon Jefferson described it in a letter several days ago far better than I ever could.

He said “The mix of drug abuse, mental illness, disparagement, the need for retraining individuals for gaining available jobs, the small population of homeless individuals that are willing to be retrained, the small population of homeless individuals that are willing to accept the rules and prerequisities that are required by homeless shelters for homeless individuals to be accepted, and many other factors, makes the homeless reduction very complex.”

Bill Bryan

Leona Valley

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