Letters from readers, October 3, 2019

If grandma can do it, they can, too

Some studies indicate that teenagers should not be expected to get to school early. They are too tired. Common sense says to go to bed earlier. Politicians say to start school later.

I want to thank all the teenagers who fought for our country in the armed services. They soldiered on whether they felt like getting up early or not.

Today’s 4-H and FAA students are to be admired for their “can do” attitude. They are up at dawn to care for their animals before they go to school.

Thanks too for my own teenagers who got themselves up to eat the breakfast I served at 6. They caught the school bus at 6:30.

AARP says we have the ability to rewire our brains by changing our behaviors. If grandma can do it I have confidence that today’s teenagers can too.

Sandi Duvall


Rent control

There has been so much rhetoric about homeless.

Rent keeps increasing, renters that can’t pay the rent end up on the street to become (street camping criminals).

How about a tough rent control and some financial assistance for the renters that are on the verge of being on the street.

This will help stop the increase of homeless. In the mean while, this will help give some time to find a solution for the homeless that are in the street now.

Fred Flores


Science vs. Chicken Little

A recent letter addressed what the writer believes to be the Henny Penny theory that the sky is falling and we are all going to die. In the letter the writer talks about a wide range of things from the coming of another ice age, acid rain, the hole is the ozone and global warming/climate change.

I would like to address each issue:

In the 1970s a Newsweek article “The Cooling World” suggested that the planet was cooling, thus reducing food production. Several other articles were written on a cooling planet. These news media articles were not scientific studies. The scientific studies at that time suggested the plant would warm as a consequence of CO2.

Acid rain is precipitation containing acidic compounds having a pH less than 6. The EPA’s Clean Air Act, required industries to reduce their sulfur dioxide emissions thus reducing the acid in the air.

Due to a world-wide effort to reduce and eliminate ozone depleting compounds the shrinking ozone layer is another success story. The EPA’s Clean Air Act required Class I and II ODCs to be phase out. EPA is continuing the phase out of additional chemicals that can harm the ozone.

Global warming and climate change are very real. You can see the change from satellite photos of ice sheets melting. 97 percent of the world’s experts on climate change agree that humans are contributing to the rise in the Earth’s temperature. Only 3 percent do not agree. For some reason the ultra-right winged letter writers to the Antelope Valley Press, do not believe in science. Even the Department of Defense has policies and plans addressing climate change and global warming and believe it is very serious threat to national security.

George Jung

Antelope Acres

‘The Resistance’

If you have been watching, it’s obvious that the liberal progressive agenda is to bring down (overthrow) the legitimately elected executive branch of our government.

The “Resistance” includes Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Andrew McCabe and innumerable others, all conspirators. The Resistance wants to change the people’s choice of president of the United States, be it by declaring that “…this president is illegitimate...” as Senator John Lewis (D-GA) said immediately after the election, or framing POTUS in a Russian conspiracy to mask Hillary’s collusion and selling of influence as Sec. of State, while compromising state security with her unsecure email server.

The “Deep State” bureaucracy participated in the resistance, demonstrated by the behavior and subsequent firing of Obama-era FBI officials. The main-stream media assisted the “Deep State” by advocating negative positions against this president (91 percent of press coverage is negative) and hiring these liars at CNN and MSNBC.  

Then you see the braying by Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) and others for impeachment and inciting mob action. Liars Schiff and Swalwell are embarrassing representatives of California, doing nothing but investigating and harassing the POTUS even though the Mueller investigation had no conspiratorial findings. The reason Mueller found nothing is that he did not look at Hillary’s campaign. And Obama and Biden said …”no hint of scandal…” during 44’s administration.

All this resistance despite the robust economy, successes in tax reform, immigration, energy, constitutionally conservative judicial appointments and in foreign affairs.  

 Liberal progressive foot soldiers continually vomit negativity about this president from editorial pages like this one, using lies, misstatements and speculation. Russia collusion, racism, tax return fraud, border crisis, a coming recession and now Ukraine phantasy; progressives say it loud and often and fools think it true.

Sam Kilanowski


So long, goodbye, auf Wiedersehen, adieu

Say goodbye already! To Mr. Homan, time to start writing to your wonderful new local newspaper, in your wonderful new state of South Carolina. It looks like you can’t give up crummy old California. Don’t worry, we still have plenty of conservatives left to entertain us and some of them write in weekly.

Judy Miller


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