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Prof. Ford gets to be heard from a 36 yr old accusations. Shouldn’t all Clintons accusers be heard now too?

Judy Watson,


Parents, wake up

As we approach Halloween, I’m sure many my age remember how we as kids would dress up as Dracula, ghost, Frankenstein and the Werewolf. Nowadays kids dress up as mass murders like the characters of Friday the 13, Scream, Jeffrey Dahmer etc., etc.. I could see it now, what next?

When I worked for the A.V.H.S.D on Halloween we would spend the first hours of school sending female students home for dress code violations and removing plastic knives, swards, toy guns and full masks from students.

As one student once told me “There’s nothing wrong were just living our fantasies for a day” ... Scary!

Wake up parents! Now is the time to really take notice, examine and talk to your children about the negative influences our children face in today’s society. I’m sure many my age parents included miss the good old days.

Miguel Rios


Just asking

No matter how you feel about Judge Kavanaugh and his qualifications, there has been no proof of a crime. Dr. Ford has made the allegation that Judge Kavanaugh tried to rape her and she thought he might have killed her.

There is a process to clarify this allegation. You can go to the local law enforcement agency and swear out a complaint.

The State of Maryland said they would investigate any complaint and as yet has not received one. You can go to the local district attorney and they will take the complaint to the grand jury.

Once the evidence is verified, the complaint will go to a court and a jury of 12 people will decide guilt or innocence. If the complaint is found to be correct and╩ the evidence found to be overwhelming, a verdict of guilty is rendered, the judge will pass sentence.

No complaint has been filed, no evidence has been presented and no corroboration found, yet many have found Judge Kavanaugh guilty, with no evidence or corroboration. This is not how a country of laws does things.

We have laws, we have a process to investigate complaints of violation, of those laws. If no attempt is made, within the statues of limitations (which Maryland has none), then no action can be taken. One has to wonder why has no complaint been made, in the last 35 years, since it is so horrendous?

If it is serious enough to go to Congress, why isn’t it serious enough to go to the local law enforcement?

Just asking.

Mike Mallane


Kleptocracy is picking pockets

The AP story “Devos to miss deadline in easing college fraud protections” (Valley Press, 10.04.18) quoted Aaron Ament, president of the National Student Legal Defense Network as saying, “Since taking office, (U.S. Education (Secretary (Betsy) DeVos and her team of former corporate executives have taken every possible step to put the interests of predatory, for-profit institutions ahead of what is best for students and taxpayers.”

What the story did not mention is that, up until shortly after her confirmation hearing, Betsy DeVos held stock in a company closely tied to Performant Financial Corp., which is one of the two companies chosen by the Education Department (ED) to collect overdue student loans. The ED once contracted with 17 companies to collect said loans.

So it is only too unfortunate that at least 30% of the American electorate lacks the worldliness to understand that the billionaire Betsy DeVos is representative of a kleptocracy that is not-so-slowly picking the pockets of the U.S. Treasury as well as those of who produced that wealth workers.

Guy Marsh


Trump’s fantasy world

Our president is living in a fantasy world an idealized place where his followers gather together in basements and discuss how best to spread their message of love to the people.

In this world, there are evildoers on whom most of the country’s woes can be blamed. They are, among many others: George Soros, the Clintons, Bill Maher, Robert Mueller and his band of angry Democrats and those two impassioned ladies who cornered Jeff Flake in an elevator.

I learned of Donald Trump’s imaginary place when I read his recent Tweet. He wrote, “The very rude elevator screamers are paid professionals only looking to make Senators look bad. Don’t fall for it! Also, look at all of the professionally made identical signs. Paid for by Soros and others. These are not signs made in the basement from love!”

The identical signs I’ve seen relay messages such as “Stop Kavanaugh” and “Vote No.” I’ve also seen a cleverer one saying “Kava-NO!” It’s true. The signs look professionally made with bold, readable fonts and concise messages. They can be created inexpensively at any Kinko’s, Staples or UPS Store. Such signage is not likely created in a basement. What measure of “love” went into it is impossible to determine.

But the often handmade signs carried by Donald Trump’s basement dwellers have woefully little love in their messages. “Trump That B**ch” and “I Wish Hillary Had Married OJ” pale in comparison to “Better to Grab a P***y than to be one!” The only love evident in many of these Trump supporters’ signs is for misogyny. Hence the ease with which these people blindly support Kavanaugh.

Whether the president actually believes the sentiments he Tweeted or not, it is a thinly veiled attack at anyone who’s not on board with his pusillanimous program of self-promotion.

Seeing only devotees as worthy of acknowledgment is a sign of a weak mind and an even weaker soul, evident in the hashtag at the end of Trump’s pathetic Tweet, “#Troublemakers.”

Jarold Wright


Paper issues

Finally someone else has noticed the changes to the AV Press. The local writers are gone. The print is smaller. The side spaces are larger. The paper is 1/2 the size it’s been for decades. Lots of spelling errors. Favorite columnists are gone. No more full page ads for autos or motorcycles. Was this paper bought to destroy it? It’s harder every day to stay loyal when the competition hasn’t changed.

John Yochim


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Clatter Sten

Paper issues Part 2. We used to read the delivered AV Press while sipping morning coffee. Now that they've contracted out home delivery we're lucky if we receive the paper before 9:30 on Fridays and 12 Noon on Sundays. The newspaper delivery service in Lompoc delivers the Lompoc Record and Los Angeles Times before 7:00 in comparison.


With the new format, which I haven't passed judgement on yet, I have not been able to find the local Obituaries, which, frankly is one of the reasons I subscribed to the edition.

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