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January 2001 median income was $60,906 in January 2009 it was $61,308 a $402 increase. By January 2017 it was $60,973 a loss of $335. But 30 months later it was $65,976 increase of $5003 liberals can’t understand where that magic wand came from. These are government numbers by the way.

Look at all the money Tom Steyer spent his girl Katie. Think maybe he should have done a better background check?

I see old globalist Soros is putting his marbles in Pocahontas bag.

Steve Brewer


Test the water

Palmdale is in danger: Recently, Jane Williams the Executive Director of California Communities, shared informally with some of the members of Air Force Plant 42’s Environmental Restoration Advisory Board, Palmdale’s drinking water is one of the potentially most riskiest to drink. Palmdale’s water is polluted with chemicals, C-8, PFOs, and PFCAs Much, apparently coming the use of the chemicals as fire retardents since the mid 1950s.

These chemicals can’t be burned. They do not biodegrade. They can’t be destroyed! And the only way to get them out of drinking water is by reverse osmosis.

Palmdale Water Board and other local water districts need to test the drinking water using using the TOP Assay Method. The method currently used by many does not portray, reveal the true amount of C-8, PFOs and PFCAs in drinking water.

It was not until 2018 the Air Force Plant 42’s Environmental Restoration Advisory Board was made aware of the toxic threat but the advisers and the Air Force presented that the chemicals were not a threat. The levels they had noted were well within safe levels. They, though had not tested the drinking water sources by the TOP Assay Method. Jane Williams, opened the eyes of some of the members of the board with a brief presentation about how serious a threat C-8, PFOs and PFCAs posed to Palmdale and all humans. For as she noted these chemicals are water soluble, can be carried in the aired, and can rub off onto other things used  or consumed human beings.

We need to urge, plead to Palmdale Water Board and other local water districts to test the drinking water using the TOP Assay Method.

Garry Cope


Are you serious?

Rep. Hill, are you seriously going to blame your bad choices on a “right wing conspiracy?”

Hillary already played that card.

It didn’t ring true then either.

Kathleen Flynn



I feel so assured now that the great legal mind of Congressman Adam Schiff is in charge of the President Trump impeachment enquiry/investigation/examination/exploration/probe/perusal etc.  

Reminds me of the old joke that attorneys love to tell — “What do you call someone who graduates last in their class at law school? A lawyer.”  

Now add to that, “What do you call someone who graduates last in his class at Harvard Law? Adam Schiff.”  

Bill Heard


Water woes

Guy Marsh sounds like a guy that’s never run his own business. I ran mine for 35 years.

In his letter concerning the “poor poor” potable water haulers he said they just need to pass the cost on to their customers.  

He states that If you live in Acton or Aqua Dulce you can afford the increase.

So I guess everyone is rich in those cities. That’s good to know. If your having potable water delivered that means either your well went dry, or your  equipment has failed and you are unable to cover the cost of replacing it.

Their may be a few folks that built they’re homes planning on hauled water that factored in the cost but not many as I believe the codes just started allowing it.

Most small business are run by people who can’t afford to take a few days off, let alone the weeks it would take to replace a diesel motor because of a decision made by people in Sacramento who have never run a small business of their own.

I see the new water rates in Palmdale just went up to almost $60 for around 12,750 gallons of water. Less then a half a cent per gallon. That same amount of water hauled to you would be ten times that much.

Biff Baker

Antelope Acres

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