Suffering the consequences

About a year-and-a-half into Trump’s administration, when his economic advisors told him that the national debt was exploding and would increase from the $19 trillion that it was when he became president, to approximately $31 trillion in eight years, he said, “So what? I’m not going to be around then, anyway.”

The problem with that attitude, of course, is that hundreds of millions of Americans will be around the and unfortunately, they’re the ones who are going to have to suffer the consequences.

Marty Scepan


Let’s hope the revelations work

The president implores Americans to have faith that the recently released Mueller report exonerates him from any wrongdoing. Criminal wrongdoing anyway. Trust the findings, at least until they expose the president’s dark, insecure and deeply disturbing actions, then dismiss the report as bull****.

Donald Trump’s proclivity to vacillate between support for and vulgar opposition to statements or findings about him are well documented. He can turn on a dime, heaping praise for someone one day and lambasting them the next. It all depends on how he is being affected at that moment. Transactional thought seems to be about as deep as Donald Trump can delve.

Many of us were unsure about what Robert Mueller’s tome would reveal. Honestly, I hoped there was no deep, dark level of cooperation with Russia on the part of Trump and his cronies.

But so many connections belied that these were mere coincidence. And the report reveals a profound mutual interest shared by Trump’s team and Russian actors to elect Donald Trump and disparage Hillary Clinton. At best, the Trump team were stooges. At worst, they were compliant allies in some pretty unscrupulous deeds. Either scenario is troubling.

So as we read the redacted version of the Mueller report made available to us, we see why I, and so many others are alarmed at the self-serving, corrupt and often churlish brand of leadership our president and his administration have wrought. Hopefully the revelations from this report will inform voters in 2020.

Jarold Wright

Santa Rosa

Forming your own opinion

Thank you editor for your synopsis of the Mueller Report in the Opinion page of 4-20-19.  

After two years of investigation it was a report that presented the facts in a legal concept. Only a good attorney can exclude his personal views from his duties as a practicing advocate.

Attorney Mueller did, Attorney Barr did not!

As a consequence we were able to form our own opinion and come to or own conclusions as to the guilt or innocents of our esteemed president.

The Antelope Valley Press should be praised.

Ed Galindo

Quartz Hill

Read the speeches

Liberal Democrats are divided over their obvious duty to defend Ilhan Omar, a smart, honest, sincere, informed American Congresswoman and their fear of IPAC’S money and influence. Too many free speech pseudo-Liberals believe: Thou Dare Not Speak Ill of Israel.

The outrageous lie is that she disrespects the 911 tragedy. The fact is that all she did was join the rest of the world in condemning Israel’s criminal land-grabbing and ruthless suppression of the Palestinian people in their own land. Our dishonest Rightwing Israel stooges mislead the ignorant into ignoring that fact and pretending it is all about 911. Read her actual speeches instead of vicious, lying propaganda.

Will Brown

Canyon Country

They can crush cans themselves

I just found out that the local aluminum cans recycler will not take crushed cans any longer. It seems that the homeless people are gaming the system by putting some sand inside each crushed can to increase the weight.

The CA CRV is 5 cents per can. For that amount, I am not willing to haul around uncrushed cans to recycle them. I will now just put them (uncrushed) into the Waste Management trash bins. I will let their huge diesel powered bulldozers crush them, or if they want to spend the time of their employees they can fish them out of all the other crap in the trash. I’m now not going to spend my time separating them so WM can be the beneficiary of aluminum recycling. So much for green recycling. Maybe the state of California will mandate electric bulldozers next.

Barry Braman


Is it worth it?

In the article published in today’s Valley Press, the state has published the revised cost of the crazy train as it now only is to run from Bakersfield to Merced. At $18.7 billion dollars, that’s $105,263,158 dollars per mile. Hummm, money well spent?

Jim Gardner


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