Editorial cartoon, May 3, 2021

President’s divorce

I must have missed something.

I listened to president Biden’s speech 4/28/21. I was shocked to learn of our presidents resent divorce and more so of it’s expedience. In the presidents opening statement he introduced the first lady and her husband.

Normally it takes more than 100 days to divorce and remarry. But then again executive power has it’s privileges.

Jim MacCurdy


Unhappy with opinion

In response to the opinion piece regarding the naming of the Marvin E. Crist Wellness Center, I feel it is necessary to correct several inaccuracies.

First, the dedication and naming of the facility was an action by the AVTA Board of Directors, not the City of Lancaster or Mayor R. Rex Parris.

The resolution, which is a matter of public record, passed 5-0 with Chairman Crist abstaining from the vote. Similarly, the formal ceremony was organized and hosted by AVTA, not the City of Lancaster as alleged in the op-ed.

As the executive director of AVTA, I know firsthand that the wellness center would not exist if not for the inspired and visionary thinking of Chairman Crist who suggested the concept of a wellness center as a permanent and enduring thank you to the entire AVTA team.

The wellness center puts the opportunity to exercise (something I think we can all agree is very important) at our team’s fingertips and provides the financial benefit of eliminating the expense of a gym membership.

All of us at AVTA were gratified and thankful for the turnout and affirming support of our naming of the wellness center in Chairman Crist’s honor by the Cities of Lancaster and Palmdale, County Supervisor Barger’s office, and representatives from State Senator Scott Wilk and Assembly Member Tom Lackey. Their concurrence was demonstrated by their presentation of their own proclamations.

As someone who has witnessed firsthand the thoughtful concern, compassion and innovative thinking that Chairman Crist invests in the Antelope Valley community, I know that the dedication of this wellness center was an appropriate decision and I know that all of the community members that have had the privilege of working with Marvin Crist will agree.

Macy Neshati

CEO/executive director

Antelope Valley Transit Authority

Also unhappy with opinion

It is my opinion that yesterday, the Antelope Valley Press ran an ill-informed editorial titled “Add a building to the ‘Crist list.’” It is accurate that the Antelope Valley Transit Authority’s (AVTA) new wellness center was named after Lancaster Vice Mayor Marvin Crist, but that is about the only fact that the article got right.

The author incorrectly implied that Vice Mayor Crist received the recognition based solely on his role generating profits for the AVTA. Whoever wrote this piece clearly does not have a full understanding of Vice Mayor Crist’s long career of service to the City of Lancaster and to the AVTA in particular.

Crist currently serves as AVTA Chairman, in addition to his role as Vice Mayor that he assumed in 2012 after being elected to City Council in 2010. It is wrong to narrow in on one aspect of Vice Mayor Crist’s accomplishments, when in fact he has more than a decade in serving our local government and AVTA.  

The write-up erroneously focuses on Mayor R. Rex Parris as the determining voice in naming the center. While the City Council celebrates the naming of the new building after Vice Mayor Crist, it was not actually the decision of Parris or the City Council. The decision was made by the AVTA Board based on the Vice Mayor’s dedication and accomplishments with AVTA.

I want members of the Lancaster community to have the facts when it comes to how City business is conducted. To the writers and staff of the Antelope Valley Press, I urge you to do better. Before you make accusations like those published yesterday, do the research. Lancaster residents deserve well-informed, thoughtful reporting.  

Ken Mann


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