Between a rock and a hard place

We have an issue with illegal dumping on our property. We have 20 acres south of Avenue S and Tierra Subida runs through it.

I live in South Dakota and had no idea about this until I received a letter from the County of Los Angeles, who had already put a lien on my property, with fines in excess of $1,000.

Apparently the County of Los Angels has known about his for the past four years. Many properties have been affected, from Santa Clarita to Palmdale. We have been in contact with Kathryn Barger’s office and Building and Safety in Lancaster.

Kathryn Barger’s office is sympathetic to the situation, but say they cannot help. Building and Safety just laughs at us because they can hold us up and make lots of money doing it.

Per the instructions from the Building and Safety, Lancaster office, they wanted a report as to what to do with the uncertified dirt.

We had a soils/geology report prepared that cost us $7,675, showing all the information they requested. We also had a civil engineer show where the uncertified fill was located. They would still not accept that to release the lien. They only want an approved grading plan.

We had someone who wanted to buy our property, but now they cannot get a bank loan until the lien is removed. The only way the county will remove the lien, is if we get a grading plan approved. We do not want to get a grading plan, as we have no intention of building on the property and it is extremely costly to do so.

We want the new buyer to get the grading plan that suits their purpose. They cannot get a grading plan until they own the property.

Susan Levine and Landbaron Holding


Dems will hold the line

Trump said he was the first and only potential GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

He also told us he wouldn’t have time for golf.

The administration’s budget recently sent to congress contains cuts to Medicaid to the tune of $1.5 trillion, Medicare, $845 billion, Social Security, $25 billion.

The budget will create trillion dollar deficits for four years. He will, of course, ask for $8 billion for his vanity border wall (emergency)!

Thankfully, for millions of seniors and the disabled, Democrats will hold the line. You folks don’t still take him at his word, do you?

Rochelle Dowdell


Nothing great about it

The bribery scandal raises an interesting question. Some of the students involved were accepted and graduated from these elite schools. That being true, what’s so impressive about the education they and others received?

If they were only qualified for Cal State without the bribe, but were able to complete the required work for a degree from an elite school, why is the school elite? It would appear the education received is no better than any other college provides.

Clyde L. Dotson


When in doubt, fake news

Surprise, surprise, surprise! The editorial in today’s (3-13-2019) paper attacking Fox News and our President Trump sure seemed to be a one-sided opinion.

While no publication, news service or political figure can please everyone, this attack truly exhibits the same mentality of the fake news outlets that continue to disrespect President Trump and the office of the president.

When President Obama was elected, the majority of Republicans just held our noses during his tenure and waited it out. There were less riots, protests and whining compared to the hateful crap that the country is experiencing since President Trump’s victory.

To all of the folks that are acting out their whiny attitudes from citizens to fake news, just keep it up. Wake up America!

Tom Walsh


Gloom and doom

Well it finally happened. You all voted for the Democratic Socialist and it starting to show.

This governor is doing whatever he wants to do and no one can stop him. He  just did away with the death penalty, which we voted in.

He doesn’t care what the families who had loved ones murdered. The legislature is completely Socialist Democrat so that gives him the right to do what he wants.

The House of Reps are full of Democrats now nothing will get done they just want the witch hunt to go on against Trump.

He has been president for almost three years so just get things down. I hope all of you are happy the worst is coming.

John Mazzella


Demand respect for tax dollars

If only our ex-Congressman Steve Knight and our now Congresswoman Katie Hill spent one-tenth the time and energy that they did on the Francis Dam disaster memorial and national monument to open up Littlerock Dam and restore funding that L.A. Forrest stole from us. That was usd for other L.A. Forrest areas. Along with Palmdale and Littlerock Water Districts and the City of Palmdale and our County Supervisor Kathryn Barger, who have all failed us on this issue. We would be fishing, boating and camping in AV’S biggest watering hole playground this spring.

Five years of failed local leadership and lack of urgency has caused us to be locked out of our national parkland. How hard can it be to ask our other AV representative Congressman Kevin McCarthy, the third most power man in Congress and personal buddy to President Trump, to restore funding that was stolen by L.A. Is AV Leadership this incompetent to write a joint letter or just pick up the phone and ask?

Why does AV Leadership continue to allow AV residents to be treated like suckered stepchildren of L.A. Start demanding respect of our tax dollars and start electing true AV “fighter” representatives, not these pussyfooting politicians. It’s our taxes and parkland that we inherited folks. We are losing badly in AV!

Jason Zink


Skateboard lanes

It was reported in Thursday’s Valley Press that the City of Lancaster is going to spend a great deal of money constructing a skateboard park at Jane Reynolds Park, not a central location, and I would rather that money was spent repairing the city’s roads but OK.

But now we veer off into the Twilight Zone of city thinking. Mr. Parris wants to add skateboard lanes to the streets. So now we can increase congestion by removing another traffic lane and adding a skateboard lane right next to the infrequently used bicycle lanes that have sprung up all over town.

I have a simple question, maybe I am missing something here, but why can’t the skateboarders simply use the bike lanes? God only knows there is very little bike traffic to worry about. It must be nice to have so much tax money to spend that the city must be creative in ways to spend it, skateboard parks, roundabouts to nowhere, parks with fences all around them, etc.

Speaking of the sad state of our streets, many assume the look of European cobblestone streets with potholes big enough for a small child to hide in. When will the city not patch, put a couple inches of asphalt down it make it look nice for a month or two but repair the sub-grade, which has failed due to improper back filling of trenches, etc. so the repair will last. On a sentimental note,how much of Historic Jane Reynolds Park will be destroyed for this boondoggle.

David Stilwell


Be the adult

Don’t do half the job, Governor, Gavin Newsom! Don’t be indecisive! Be the adult! Do the whole job. If you oppose the death penalty, put together an executive committee to examine each of those death row cases that you think deserve better and see about commute them to life without parole or better yet, grant a full pardon if the committee findings so justify.

Why not start with the longest-serving death row inmate, Lawrence Bittaker, with more than 38 years on death row.

With an associate, Bittitaker, committed the kidnap, rape, torture and murder of five teenage girls over a period of five months in Southern California in 1979. Or perhaps, Angelina Rodriguez, who suffocated her infant daughter.

Kenneth (Tony) Clemens


Deep thoughts

In the spirit of my favorite Bill Warford columns, it occurs to me that:

Calling it life insurance is false advertising, considering it only pays off if you die.

It’s confusing to have Division Street Dental located on 10th street west.  

Even though we’ve heard of millions being sunk into new water storage and we’re in major water year, we’ve heard little to no update if we are actually capturing more water now.

Rooftop solar seems to be coming on as a requirement for new homes in more places.  

Homeless people save money on rent and property taxes.

My favorite moments in life have been when I’m laughing and relating to people of different ethnicities.  

The Earth is but one marble in God’s Crown Royal bag.

There are now way too many paranormal investigation shows on television.

As I get older, I see my solitude and anonymity as blessings.

Christianity wouldn’t be in decline if there weren’t so many people twisting His words.

I’ve really enjoyed the resurgence of vinyl as a medium for music. There is something in the physical act of flipping an album over on a turntable that keeps me forever young at heart.

The fashion statement of wearing one’s pants halfway down one’s legs looks silly, but makes it easier for the cops the catch fleeing suspects.

Turning off the television frees you from automobile and prescription drug ads.  

You can see the Antelope Valley from outer space.    

My rose bushes, primrose, candytuft, lavender, daffodils and hyacinth are filling in nicely.

Spring is in the air. Allergy pills procured.

It’s easier to smile than frown.

Mitchell Seyfer


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