More homes, more water

Recently our AV Press was touting the arrival of new construction in Lancaster and Palmdale. 

This means new taxes and fees for the state as well for our two fair cities. 

More homes. More roads. More school children. More people buying stuff. More fuel used. More tax revenue.

But…where’s the ‘more water’ coming from? More people, lawns, toilets, laundry…all this means ‘more water.’

We don’t have any ‘more water.’ We are in a drought.

So more income for the state and cities translates into higher water bills for you and me. Much higher.

Brace yourself.

We pay…but we have absolutely no say.

Yvonne Des Lauriers


Approve what we want

Can anyone tell me what happened to Prop 7 that we voted on 2018 and passed by 60% of Californians. 

Time change, our state senators approved it and it was sent to Washington for approval. I guess that Washington is to busy to approve what we voted on. I think that California should just stay on day light savings time who needs Washington to approve what we want.

David Gusman 


Not going to sleep better

Gov. Newsom has picked a new Attorney General who is of Filipino descent which should make the skittish asian-american community sleep a little better at night. 

However, the VP article identifies him as another progressive criminal justice reformer which should make the whole California population skittish. 

The push to decriminalize anything less than a felony has given criminals a state-provided menu on what crimes that will never be prosecuted. 

I sincerely believe that the thuggery that is being perpetrated on the asian community has more to do with elderly asians being “soft-targets” than actual hate-crimes. 

This state is full of smart predatory individuals who will fully take advantage of Californias soft on crime initiatives. 

Now we have “reformers” in our two largest cities and now the state’s top-cop. 

I know I wont be sleeping any better at night.

Jeffrey Cushanick

Quartz Hill

Water talk

This text is prompted by the article published in the AV Press March 11, 2021 issue, “States chart diverging paths on water.” According to this article, the State of Utah is planning to construct a 140 mile, underground water transport pipe line from Lake Powell to near St. George, Utah.  Ref. the listed article for details.

According to water conservation authorities, the water levels in Colorado River, Lake Powell, and Lake Mead continues to fall.  These facts are listed in the flowing publications:

“World of Change:Water level in Lake Powell”  link

Lake Shasta and Lake Oroville are at approximately 1/2 capacity, and diminishing, both are water sources for the California Aqueduct system.

Solutions are:

“San Diego moves ahead with “sewer to tap” plan”  link DIEGO%2C CA

“Toilet to Tap - Not as Horrendous as You’d Think”  link

“Pros & Cons of Recycling Water”  link recycling-water-5502383.html

“Readers React: The problem with toilet to tap:  We still don’t know to filter out drug residue”  link


• Use “grey water” to water plants and lawns.

• Conserve drinking water.

Gordon Jefferson


Compare and contrast

In the spirit of fairness, Biden needs to be held accountable as was President Trump. So how’s he doing?

From news reports, Mr Biden confers with ex-president Obama regularly. Could this now be the Biden-Obama Administration?  But some of what has transpired since Inauguration Day is just absurd. 

This president has yet to hold a press conference. Over two months and nothing.

Biden and his minions deny any problems at the southern border, yet he is using the same cages and lockups built and used by Obama. 

But when Trump used them it was terrible and he was a racist. One news report said that because there is such crowding and such a backlog at the border, aliens are going to be flown to a Canadian border crossing. It’s less busy there. Absurd? Of course!

21 states have sued the president and the government over the stopped Keystone pipeline. 

It was about 90% complete when he stopped it. Jobs were lost, businesses closed, and the states all are losing money. And why?

President Biden sustained a major diplomatic embarrassment in talks with the Chinese in Alaska. 

After a benign 2 minute opening speech by the Americans, the Chinese launched into a 20 minute tongue lashing of America. 

It was all down hill from there. The Americans left the meeting with their tails between there legs and the Chinese left, knowing they now have the upper hand with the US. Certainly different than the Trump years.  

The fence around the capital is still there. Yet for some reason the border fence is evil and must go.

The president has said, on a number of issues, “if the GOP will not do as I want, we’ll go on without them.” So much for his bipartisan pledge. 

Jim Gardner


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