Editorial cartoon, March 22, 2021

See ya

"Though the rivers run down to the ocean

And the shadows move in the mountain valleys

And the sky feeds the stars,


Will your name

And your honor

And your glory


Well, the ancient Roman poet, Virgil, wrote those words circa 50 BC but I like to think it was to honor a triumvirate of my friends who died just recently — Bob Rediger, Larry Wells and Ron Kelley — to which Bill Shakespeare most certainly would have added “... and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”

So long fellas; see ya later.

Ken Nickel


Stirring things up

On Saturday, March 20th I turned the page of the AV Press to read the letters to the editor with a surprise — no letters were sent in?

Do you suppose our Johnny one note Liberal writers are feeling guilty about always writing how mean and awful Trump was? Instead of focusing on the phony socialist Biden’s failings they always go back to the big orange mean man.

This shows how shallow and refusing to see what is going to happen to all of us with this empty suit administration. I can bet that all of the self aggrandizing liberal writers are living real well and should be thanking conservatives for not bankrupting our country.

Now that Trump is out what will they write about?

Of course they are all sheep and follow the mantra about climate change that their CNN, Washington post, CNBC, colleagues spew constantly.

Rory Stilson


Don’t need it

With the passing of the $1.9T American Recovery Plan we are becoming a welfare society.

There are those in society who need a hand and we should be glad to aid. On the other hand, the hand up is getting out of control.

I read an on-line story yesterday about a large city married couple with an income of $130K, both professionals (a banker and a nurse) with two children who were so happy to receive the $5,600 and the soon to be delivered additional $600 a month for child support.  

Something is wrong when a family of four earning $130K a year feels they need government assistance.

There was a time when families did whatever they could to keep the government out of their lives as much as possible but that seems to be waning.  

Dependance on the government leads to less freedom where eventually politicians in Washington DC will control your every thought and movement and you invited them into every aspect of your life for a few bucks a year.

Curt Redecker


Thrown out anyway

Regarding notice about Environmental collection center ... went to said center on Sat.. and they refused my broken shredder because the “clerk” said it was not a hazardous device ... ok printers ok, etc but not shredders? What? Explain difference? Unless I’m part of the old “school” group that writes all the time?

Guess what? I took the shredder and “dumped” it into a park dumpster and said bye bye so it will sit in a landfill anyway. Love the AV Press.

Ingrid Smart


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