Editorial cartoon, March 15, 2021

Debt vs. climate

A writer to this paper expressed concern of what we are leaving our grandkids with climate change and how bad it is but what about the amount of debt these fools in Washington D.C. are leaving them. Nothing ever said about that.

Betty Holtfreter

Kennewick, Wash.

The ‘silver lining’

At one of the most crucial times in our modern history, with an unforeseen pandemic lockdown and a highly contentious election, the fallout from both leaves uncertainty in our nation.

A year later, with a new administration in the White House, policy chaos ensues from a politicized recovery bill with massive debt. With the polarizing issues of immigration, energy, future taxes, loss of business and jobs, rollouts of multiple vaccines the question of when schools will reopen, one has to ask how do we move forward? Where is true leadership? How is the balance restored in our lives? The answer has some hope in a silver-lining coming out of our very own District 25, Representative Mike Garcia.

Volunteering over the year and meeting people canvassing, there was a feeling of frustration Washington isn’t listening to the people by whom it was elected, nor does it care in the duties sworn to uphold. The usual politics and promises unkept was the message. Taking that all in as we now face unprecedented times, the balance of common sense true American thinker is going to work. Far-distant Washington doesn’t seem so far away with Mike Garcia by our side.

The major news may not be tuning in to the work Mike Garcia is doing, but our representative is not wasting time to bring that balance in our favor, working for the citizens, making the nation a priority.

Kimberly Russo

Canyon Country

Future mass murder

This text is prompted by the (2/25/21) AV Press article, “Shrinking aerospace can help Valley.” I agree with author, Mr. Peter Zeihan’s presentation given virtually during the 2021 Business Outlook Conference Winter Form, hosted by the Antelope Valley Economic Development and Growth Enterprise, also known as AV EDGE. Ref. article for details.

The City of Lancaster’s administration is very correct in following through with the establishment of a “green” hydrogen fuel generation plant in the Antelope Valley. In addition, we as a Valley, should be a significant player in the Hydrogen Society, i.e, transitioning from a fossil fuel economy to a hydrogen fuel economy.

The City administration should establish hydrogen fuel dispensing stations in our valley, to accommodate some of the more than 8,000 Hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) powered autos registered in the state.

As I have said many times before in my articles, there are too much scientific and physical evidence to not believe that if we do not perform very positive steps now, to reduce climate change, our grand children will surly be struggling to survive on a dying planet.

If those future conditions are what non-climate change believers want, and continue to just live for the profits of today, you are guilty of future mass murder.

Gordon V. Jefferson



Saturdays A2 page had an article on how Bay-Area officials got a bad coyote off the streets. Article stated officials from the CA Dept of Wildlife, Federal USDA, and police from three different agencies participated in the 16-day effort to nab the wylie coyote.

Not sure why the FBI wasn’t involved, sounds like he was on the “most wanted’ list. Guess the dog-catcher was busy? Talk about overkill, literally.

Jeffrey Cushanick

Quartz Hill

So ...

So the Hypocrats and the unions want open borders. So I believe all of all the union teachers should be made to learn Spanish so they would be able to teach all the illegal darlings. That would give them the vapors don’t you think?

So why didn’t the hypocrats heads explode when Obiden made the statement that blacks and Hispanics might not be smart enough to go online and sign up for covid vaccines?

In his 15 minute speech the other night he lied when he said his 1st priority is the safety of the American people. This after he opens the southern border to the cartels. They have said that 25% of the illegal immigrants tested positive for covid but under his orders they are turned loose into the United States. So much for safety right.

Steven Brewer


More lies

Over the course of a year. I’ve been reading how fellow contributors to this page, refer to Trump as the liar and chief.

But is he? According to reports, he has 30,000 lies to his credit. That’s Huge people. So, I decided to check it out. First stop; the Birther issue. As you know, everyone is aware that Trump used it against Obama. That’s no secret. But who pushed the lie in the first place? Well’ you’d be surprised. After some research, I found the following: In an article dated, 9/19/16, by Joseph R. Murray (a fine Irishman, I’m sure), published for the Hill.com, titled; How Birtherism became Hillary’s Waterloo.

Murray, explains how, in 2008, Hillary’s ex-campaign manager, admitted to CNN, that Hillary staffers started the birther issue. He then goes on to describe how Hillary resurrected the issue in 2016, hoping to label the outspoken Trump, a racist. It worked. Now that’s politics. It’s also a tactic Nancy Pelosi described on YouTube as: the wrap up smear.

In 2019, Speaker Pelosi, explained the tactic this way; “You make up a lie, feed it to the press, point to the article, and spread it as fact.” Hmm. Let me see if I got this right. You make up a lie and launder it through the press. I wonder if that’s how we got the Russian hoax? Well. I’ll let the reader decide.

Me? My works done. one lie down, 29,000 to go. A piece of cake.

Robert MC Gregor


Stop it

Open border to let in children and adults, just flowing into America with all kinds of diseases including Covid. Just loading them on buses and sending them anywhere in America to spread diseases.

Now that their is enough people signed up to remove Gov. Newsom, he has changed so that everything will be just fine before the recall. Opening schools, restaurants, movies, and maybe even churches. Everybody can now get covid shots. What a switch now he is worried.

Now can we just get rid of the L.A. District Attorney.

I didn’t vote for Biden but now I hope that he can complete his 4 years in office as sure don’t want V.P. Harris to become Pres.

Wow 1.9 Trillion $$ would be good for the country if was only spent on relief for the covid, unemployment, and small business. But how much is wasted on other things? The Dems and Reps. both sure don’t want to tell us what all the other things the money is being spent on. It is reported that 70+ % of the people are in favor of the bill, but they have not been told about where the money is going.

Why are all of you attacking old people and old Asians on the street. Stop it, they haven’t done anything to you. I saw on T.V. a bunch of young kids beating up a older man on the street. Not right stop it.

Keith Brooker


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