Editorial cartoon, Mach 1, 2021

‘Victim plantation’

Vincent White wrote a rejoinder to a letter by a Mr. O’Conner. White is a prolific writer to this editorial page, and very articulate; though I disagree with most of his positions and policy statements. White eschews everything he considers “Conservative.”

I am not what you would call a “Conservative” — I don’t even know what  “Liberal” or “Conservative” means anymore — I would describe myself as an “Originalist” and “Libertarian.”

White’s letter, is at times confusing and labile; maybe due to his misuse of quotation marks. He does bring up several points: Black abortions; “Conservatives” do not take the time to understand what hurts the Black community; and Republicans still consist of “…white males.”

His letter states that “…79% of Planned Parenthood’s…facilities…” are located in minority communities; there could be a reason for that: Margaret Sanger was the founder of Planned Parenthood; she was a proponent, and shaped, the eugenics movement in America. She believed that “unfit” genetics should be eliminated from society. She was a guest speaker at a women’s chapter of the KKK and spoke on this subject. Commenting on the “Negro Project,” she stated, “We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population…”

The majority of large Black communities, which are horrible for those who live there, have been controlled by Black Democrats for decades. Black “Conservatives” have been writing for decades of the problems which “… [hurt] the Black community…” But liberal Democrat leaders call these conservative Black leaders names (watch the documentary Uncle Tom) because they do not play into their narrative or there policies.

Through their policies and rhetoric, the Democratic Party must arouse the emotions of the Black communities and keep them on the “Victim Plantation,” or lose their support and votes.

R.D. Smith


COVID money

Now that COVID-19 vaccines have been approved and deemed effective, the CDC should expand and accelerate the vaccine’s delivery to our country’s population.

This can be done rapidly by using the productive capability of other U.S. regulated pharmaceutical manufacturers.

In adding this production by volunteer or war act, the industry can effectively regulate the vaccine’s supply to match the demand necessary. Both in our country and the world, we should not slow the efforts of warp speed, it needs to continue in that mode to reach it’s conclusion.

We have to move as rapidly as possible to save lives and return our country to pre-COVID days. Businesses could open, people could work and schools could function. This effort is primary. The childness needs to stop. We should not promote and encourage the destruction and division that’s been allowed to thrive in our cities. What an embarrassment to those involved. This continuation day to day and month to month is insane..

Mr. Biden and Mrs. Harris should stop the political charade of misinformation toward the Trump administration. It’s silly. This president should focus on the welfare of our country, instead of it’s destruction. What is his actual motivation.

To the pandemic at hand. The monies to spend toward the virus eradication is already here. That would b within the $1.9 trillion COVID bill. Simply divert the COVID purpose all the monies to be siphoned away to non essential expenditures piggybacked on the bills deceptive title. Then do that to the first two bills, as well. The people of our country are entitled to that.

David Clemens


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