June 10, 2019, editorial cartoon

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Time is wasting

My, my, my, the “gang of three” on the high school district board of trustees has done it again. They hired a liar as their lawyer.

In very short order, their web site contractor, a friend, chose not to do business with them, their security analysis, another friend, charged for work not done, and now Harris and Associates turns out to have misrepresented themselves (lied) on their web site.

The citizens of this valley deserve competent people to manage the various functions around the valley, especially the schools.  

I hope the recall effort does not fade away and I would suggest that any graduating senior would not let any of these board members hand them a diploma.

As I have said before, a recall from a public board is serious stuff.  

The “gang of three” on the high school board should be removed. I hope the recall effort organizers soon get the word out for petitions so the interested members of the community can sign them.  

Time is wasting and the longer we let them remain in office, the more harm they can do.

Jim Gardner


Don’t glorify such people

The victims of an attack by a deranged government worker were covered in the AV Press on Sunday and I am happy to see while the victims were pictured, the murderer was not! This should become a regular policy by all media. We should not glorify such people.  

John B. Smith


Too much to ask?

Construction of a third lane being added on Highway 14, between the Palmdale Auto Mall and finishing south of the Palmdale Boulevard on-ramp is apparently nearing completion.  

In observing the construction process I observed the perfect opportunity for an off-ramp to Technology Drive. In fact, my original thought was that an off-ramp was precisely what was being built! Traffic frequently backs up onto the freeway in the afternoon with the rush hour exodus.

I wonder if anyone from the city of Palmdale, or Caltrans, noticed this opportunity. Did the city of Palmdale petition Caltrans to consider alleviating this problem with the addition of another exit valve for southbound Highway 14 traffic and build an off-ramp?

Of course, expecting Caltrans to notice this prime opportunity to add a little more expense to build an off-ramp, (while the bulk of construction costs would be in the lane addition), would have done much to offer another option for drivers to exit southbound Hwy. 14 for their homes or business destinations.

I was just wondering about how long it will take for somebody to scratch their heads and go “You know, we should have put an off-ramp for Technology Drive when we were spending all that money, and time, adding that third southbound lane.”

Duh! Now we can look forward to wasted millions of dollars, extra being spent for an off-ramp that would have cost much less were that being done today.

Expecting this thinking process to occur in the collective heads of Caltrans engineering is way too much to ask, but I would have hoped for someone in the city of Palmdale “ Leadership “ to have had this revelation sooner.

Michael Haywood


Securing borders

If the USA, with all our powers, cannot secure our own borders, how do think Mexico can secure theirs?

Jim Brock


That’s some reasoning

A column in the Sunday AV Press by Thomas Elias said a typical family of four illegal aliens pays about $5,000 in taxes. Elias further stated, “It would be hard to prove typical illegal immigrants cause more costs than that in using public services.”

Actually it’s not that hard. Public schooling is just one of many public services that taxpayers fund for illegal aliens. Some other examples are public housing, healthcare, legal costs and incarceration.

The cost per pupil in California is currently $11,145. Two children cost Californians $22,290. An illegal alien family of four, that according to Elias pays $5,000 taxes, costs taxpayers more than four times that amount in public education, alone.  

The California Department of Corrections budget shows it costs taxpayers $76,320 to incarcerate an illegal alien for a year. It would take the columnist’s typical illegal alien household over 15 years to pay enough taxes to cover the cost of just one year of incarceration.

Of course, if Elias was correct, we could import a few million more illegal aliens and benefit from all the surplus taxes they pay. We could even eliminate the once-golden state’s debt if we just admitted enough illegal aliens by his reasoning.

Bill Homan


Still the same

One of our political parties has not changed much over the years.

In the years after the Civil War, they prevented some of our citizens from voting by imposing pole taxes indulging in voter intimidation. Now they seek their vote by designing welfare programs that tend to reward failure and broken families.

What should be done is that persons whose ancestors were subjected to involuntary servitude and discrimination should be entitled to financial assistance to attend college or other professional training.

This is long overdue and in the long run, would pay for itself in more productive citizens.

Vance G. Kirkpatrick

Leona Valley

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