June 29, 2019, cartoon

Where are the letters?

Recently, Skip Thacker wrote that the former Democratic Party are becoming “Socialcrats.”

Being this way shows how much damage that this country is in right now especially with trying to get Trump out of office and not working together.

Thacker states that the Socialcrats should not focus on impeaching President Trump and their efforts in doing so will hand the 2020 election to President Trump.

The United States is a capitalist society (“…means of production are owned by private individuals… You work for your own wealth) instead of a socialist society (…means of production, such as money… are owned by the state or public…  Everyone works for wealth that is in turn distributed to everyone) Differences Between Capitalism & Socialism, www.the balance.com, May 2019

What is not said is that there are countries that have mixed economies, meaning they embrace capitalism and socialism. For example, in the U.S. there are many government-run programs such as Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, which might be construed as a form of Socialism.

Assuming Thacker is correct about Democrats not working with Trump, I don’t recall Thacker or any Republican writing to the newspaper when Obama was obstructed by Republicans for eight years. It doesn’t matter to Thacker that President Trump lies and disrespects women. That is what I was saying in the past about white privilege, for if Obama came close to what Trump had done, the letters to the editor would have tripled.

Vincent White


Now for something completely different

Kudos to Mitchell Seyfer for his letter about birds and to the GSN for publishing it. It was extremely refreshing to have even one less letter about the same old politics from the same old people over and over and over and over again. Perhaps Harry Callahan was wrong about opinions after all (no implication intended).

Phil Harvey


‘Basic untruths’

Last night Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders told the world they were willing to forgo their private health insurance for Medicare for All.

Unless they are unlike the other 533 members of Congress and thousands of Federal employees, that was a bald faced lie. They have no private insurance to give up. They are all members of one of the health insurance programs funded by the Federal employees benefit packages.

I wonder how much of the rest of their policy program is based on such basic untruths?

Clyde L. Dotson


It’s nothing new

Your article on the racist video produced by some Quartz Hill high school students failed to address the climate of racial insensitivity and intolerance that has existed at that school for many decades.

I am a 25 year-plus resident of the AV and have worked in almost every discipline from social services to school districts to municipal governments, I have consulted with individuals like Wilda Andjecik, former AV High School former board member and president.

To Wilda, I openly referred to QH’s learning environment as bittersweet: High academic standards and accomplishments racially tainted incidents.

On one occasion in the 1990s, I sat alone at Wilda’s home and strategized how she was going to handle the NAACP’s demand that the high school remove its “rebel” flag and mascot. I suggested that at that night’s board meeting she announce the removal of the flag but allow the school to retain the mascot.  

That move appeased Lynda Tompson Taylor, president of the NAACP when announced. On a personal level, I am the parent of two QH graduates. The academic environment was commendable but one student refused to  walk at the graduation because of the systemic racism personally experienced.  

His academic and professional portfolio at QH and currently was/is exemplary thus his concerns about racism at the school was not overstated, or marked by an inability to be respectful or accommodating of society’s or the school districts norms.

Diana Beard-Williams


Maybe Mexico has the answer

Its not their fault, those individuals arriving from countries south of the USA border with children, illness’s, no skills, no money, with demands for the American dream and demand that it be provided for them.

The Democrats in Congress say there is no immigration problem at our southern border, but complain bitterly that the thousands of people requesting asylum are not getting everything that any American should get.

But, they scream bloody murder when President Trump tries to set limits on the people coming to our country. Just keep in mind fellow taxpayers, the government can’t give anything unless they first take it from you.

In CA alone, thousands of homes and apartments have already gone to illegals, that should have gone to less fortunate Americans. Looks like many Americans should go to Mexico then ask for asylum at the U.S. border. They might get treated really well and get the home and funding they can’t get as citizens.

Genne Sannes


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