July 8 editorial cartoon

Action, reaction

For every action there is a reaction.

In 2015 the world powers including Iran entered into an agreement regarding nuclear power. Basically all nations agreed to stop advancing the race for nuclear dominance. Last year President Trump bailed out of the agreement.

Since then each side has claimed that the other is seeking dominance and are provoking conflict.

The United States asserts that Iran and its friends are targeting maritime traffic in the Straight of Hormuz. Thus preventing the movement of oil from all the Mid eastern countries to the rest of the world.

Two Ships catch fire. The United States claims Iran is responsible and  launches an aircraft carrier and its fleet to protect its interest. A drone is shot down and again Iran is blamed. Iran does not deny that they shot the drone down but claim it was in their territory and offer parts of the crash as evidence.

An air strike with B52’s is started and stopped before bombing Iran. The ships are still in the Straight of Hormuz. The Navy is still on stand-by but so far no one has been killed.

Is this what they call “A Mexican Standoff”?

Will the USA shout “Remember the Main” and start a war with Iran  as they did with Spain?

Ed Galindo

Quartz Hill

Priorities ...

Wow! Had to stop reading the paper when I read the headline, “San Francisco may ban e-cigarette sales” on page A-4 of the 6-19-19 edition.

It’s to crack down (a very appropriate word, considering the absolute mess that the once beautiful city is in, with its stupidity toward everything) on youth vaping.

What? If you want to reduce youth vaping, have your code enforcement folk arrest the owners and the clerks who sell the vaping stuff to minors. Fine them an amount of money that hurts and make sure that no one skates.

What SF should be hot about is the stench of human waste on every street in every part of the city. Tourism is down with good reason — druggies, homeless, mentally disturbed are over-running the “safe town” and not a cop in sight! Why? They are too tough on the users, etc.

But as usual, the Liberal folk could care less about any of that. They care about an underage kid vaping. Maybe they remember their youth.

Skip Thacker


It’s heresy

The nerve! A Government official charged with upholding established laws and procedures trying to hold a Trump appointee accountable. Heresy!

That’s right. Special counsel Henry Kerner, whose job is to administer adherence to the Hatch Act had the gall to admonish Counselor to the president for violating the Hatch Act. The Hatch Act bars federal employees from engaging in political activity during work hours or on the job. Kerner found numerous cases in which counselor Kellyanne Conway violated this act by inserting campaign messages into her comments while on duty.

Kerner’s boss is a Trump appointee and Kerner has been a congressional GOP staff member for years. His report warned Conway to curb her behavior. Instead, she charged Democrats with retaliating against her for managing Trump’s successful 2016 campaign. Those pesky Dems.

Conway’s recalcitrance is symbolic of Donald Trump’s administration. Her response reveals an underlying attitude that permeates Trump’s circle that they are somehow above the law and shouldn’t be held to the same standards as others. Disregard for Congressional subpoenas also reveals abject arrogance. This will not stop until Trump is removed from office. 2020’s election will provide Americans  a chance to right the wrong they perpetrated in 2016.

Jarold Wright

Santa Rosa

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