Editorial cartoon July 22, 2019

We are not responsible

I see in the news we have a problem on our southern border again.

The media are now calling the U.S. to be inhumane for not furnishing some 400 men toothbrushes, rooms in hotels or just fresh clothes to wear. Since when do we owe these people anything?

I viewed the thousands of persons walking from their home countries to our border in media coverage on the news channels.

I did not observe anyone carrying suitcases, with changes of clothes, nor did I see them bringing their  own hygiene items, such as toothpaste, toothbrushes or a bar of soap, even, with them.

So the trip through Mexico took several days, and even weeks, in some instances. Where were the beds they sleep in at night?

Then, where did they shower on their trip? Did the country of Mexico furnish them items o hygiene along the way? Who fed them as they moved along? The citizens could not have furnished the thousands in all these caravans with food and liquid to hydrate them all. Mexico is not that rich of a country, is it?

Yet, when they reach our border and try to cross in an illegal attempt, these are people who did try to enter illegally and violate our federal laws of entry. Suddenly we the citizens/taxpayers, are the mean and cruel persons who did not have the monies to furnish these federal criminals a hotel room and shower, brush their teeth, and furnish them with a change of clothes then let them cross our borders.

In all honesty, follow the money, folks! Who paid these invaders and allowed them to get here? With no money, no change of clothing, no food, no beds to sleep in along the way, we suddenly are supposed to for them.

Robert Teller


A new solution

Tired of all the racist talk? We won’t have to listen to the racist president Tweeting about racist congresswomen who are being offended by a racist speaker of the House.

Recalling the congresswoman or impeaching the president will not stop all the racist rhetoric. Someone else will just step into the vacuum and the discussion will continue. We need to eliminate the system and all the racist politicians with it.

We need to transform our political system from candidates and parties to a AI computer system. Government employees can be data collectors and download data and laws so the AI president can Make a ruling. Computers do not have the agenda or bias, just the facts.

The decisions can be made by rational data and existing laws. This would eliminate the three branches of the government.

Think of the trillions that would be saved to make or remove laws, we can have a national vote every Nov. major topics like budget, immigration, abortion, foreign policy and climate change can be addressed.

Imagine no Trump, Pelosi, AOC or any other candidate that panders to a certain base. Once this model works for the federal government, California can follow. I’m feeling better already.

William Thompson


Twisting the facts

No matter how you try to twist it Mr. Marsh, the Bible does not approve slavery and Christian schools do not try to separate children on the basis of race.

You took Ephesians 6:5-6 completely out of context for own political reasons. And Christian schools are only trying to provide children with a better education than government schools.

I think that you know these things Mr. Marsh but you change truth to fit your awful agenda. Shame on you.

David Cooper


‘Barred’ report?

It looks to me like the Trump administration is trying to have the Mueller Report “Barred.”

Marty Scepan


I wonder

According to Senator Feinstein, pampered sissy-boy Jared Kushner and family are investing in Palestinian occupied lands.

I wonder if his father-in-law is also in on this real estate “economic opportunity.” How about the criminally occupied Golan Heights in Syria?

Will Brown

Canyon Country

Running to defeat Trump

The first Democrat debates are over and the opinions expressed by each of the candidates were predictable. They all appeared to be very left leaning in their attitudes as their only cure for all their perceived problems in our country was to throw money at them, and not one of them was at all  “presidential.”

Another Valley Press writer said it best. “They all are gravely obsessed with a self-righteous mindset by way of an admiration of themselves.”  

Their answers to questions were scripted and none of them appeared sincere about what they were saying. Their grandiose promises were just pandering for votes, pure and simple. All were also running against Trump and not for the presidency for the people.

Impeachment was just under the surface of every answer. They all were ready to jump on the impeach Trump bandwagon yet the voters are interested in jobs, health care and somewhat less about the border situation. Senator Booker’s blank and angry stare was creepy, Mayor de Blasio was rude, and Beto O’Rourke looked bewildered.

Nope, there is no one in the first night that should get past first base in the election process. The second night of the debates turned into a shouting match. The candidates made no points with anybody. Sen. Sanders never answered a question. Sen. Harris came across and a very angry and aggressive person.  Mayor Buttiigieg was the voice of reason.

The Democrats may never realize that they have no platform and no common ground between them.  After two days of debates, I cannot see how any thinking voter could make a choice from among them. And yep, they all were running to defeat Trump, without anything to offer in his place.

Jim Gardner


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HOOAH Comment on Illegals nailed it. I studied international relations, and had multiple lyceums unded Henry Kissinger. Illegals are not protected under international law, no status. They are considered traitors to their own lands. Yes they are human as we all are, but WE CAN NOT AFFORD ILLEGALS AND MANY ARE CRIMINALS. One thing we should do is hit their Native Countries with so many sanctions they turn blue for being so nasty and corrupt their own people no longer tolerate them and leave Ex MEXICO Always penny ante, corrupt to the max and crooked

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