Editorial cartoon, Jan. 4, 2021

Stumping for Trump

Reviewing the fourth year of President Trump in office, having to deal with numerous distractions and stumbling blocks of the Democrats along with their allies the media who attempted to destroy the man and our nation, the accomplishments for the nation are impressive. Just consider:

15. President Trump Marks SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch – May 30.

14. Donald Trump Walks to St. John’s Episcopal Church to Challenge Violent Protesters – June 1.

12. Trump Invokes Centers for Disease Control Title 42 to Return Border Crossers – May 18.

11. Donald Trump Awards Rush Limbaugh a Medal of Freedom – February 4

10. Donald Trump Signs Executive Order Challenging Big Tech Censorship – May 28.

9. Donald Trump Levels a Travel Ban on China to Fight Coronavirus – January 31.

8. March For Life Speech – January 24

7. Abraham Accords Signing Ceremony – September 15.

6. Donald Trump Celebrates Failed Democrat Attempt to Impeach Him – February 2020.

5. President Trump’s Speech at Mount Rushmore – July 3.

4. The Killing of Qasem Soleimani – January 3.

3. Donald Trump Signs USMCA trade deal – January 29.

2. Donald Trump Celebrates Development of First Coronavirus Vaccine Under Operation.

1. Donald Trump Hosts Swearing-in Ceremony for Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett – October 26.

Richard Skidmore


New year, same thoughts

Tried to watch Dick Clark New Years Rockin Eve last night not one singer on the whole show kinda like watching mainstream media news not a single real news person in sight on  any channel. All you get is slanted liberal slop brought to you by the  koolaid commandos.

I see the gentleman who sued the California employee unions at UC San Diego and won over being forced to pay dues when he didn’t want to join the union in 2018 has caused 225,000 to stop paying dues. I hope it will eventually cause enough money to stop going to the DNC that they won’t have any influence anymore. I still believe that having influence over who is going to be my boss is a conflict of interest.

Steve Brewer


How will it end?

Questionably sane congressman from Texas, Louie Gohmert, apparently in the throes of a psychotic break, filed a ridiculous lawsuit aimed at getting a federal judge to order Vice President Mike Pence to turn his entirely ceremonial role on January 6 into an autocratic power grab by overturning Joe Biden’s legitimate victory over Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

The ever-increasing lunacy of Trump sycophants is unnerving. Particularly when politicians who undoubtedly know better enter the fray. Josh Hawley, a bright young senator from Missouri, announced yesterday that he would stand to object to validating Biden’s victory Wednesday, prompting potential chaos at a ceremony designed to put a procedural punctuation mark on a presidential election.

Hawley’s justification for his objection is spurious at best. “You’ve got 74 million Americans who feel disenfranchised, who feel like their vote doesn’t matter,” Hawley declared. This Stanford/Yale educated lawyer wants to convince us that voting for a losing candidate results in disenfranchisement? Not a cogent, well thought out argument.

Obviously, the very nature of elections involves a winner and a loser. Well-adjusted folks have accepted that inevitability since elections began. Especially when there is virtually no evidence to support election fraud or corruption.

One has to wonder what would cause an educated man like Hawley to be subsumed into such tangled, sore loser thinking. Who could be setting such an undemocratic example? The cancer consuming the Republican Party is Donald Trump. And despite the grandstanding efforts of King Trump and his loyal subjects, he will be little more than a feckless blowhard as a new president takes the reins. Question is, will Hawley and his kind wake up? Or will they continue to follow a loser?

Jarold Wright

Santa Rosa

Let’s not wait

In the event that President Biden secures a nuclear agreement with Iran or North Korea, such agreement must provide for immediate scrutiny of any site suspected of violation. If we have to wait, the nukes may be moved to another site, with its own waiting period, and so on.

Alex Sokolow



Larry Johnson wrote, “It appears that the socialists have landed within our country and have been here for quite some time.”

In reality, most American socialists, including this socialist, were born here. But, yes, socialist thought has been here since at least the founding of the Socialist Labor Party of America in 1877.

Johnson: “...when Mr. Biden and his like-thinking leftist followers take control of our country, it is my opinion that we will see our constitutional rights taken away and the Constitution ... like many of our historical monuments, will be torn down...”

Now, of course, Johnson’s intimation is that Biden is a socialist. But that is no less absurd than Johnson’s assertion that the Constitution will be torn down just as racist monuments have been torn down.

Even the late Bill Buckley’s National Review knows that only the most unread amongst us believe Biden is a socialist. In an article titled “Joe Biden: Not a Socialist, Just a Scoundrel,” the National Review writes, in part, “What can we say for Joe Biden? For one thing, he is not a socialist.”

But indeed, Johnson disagrees with the National Review and me. So I’m wondering if he would, within a subsequent letter, please list all of the books written by Karl Marx and or Friedrich Engels that he has read. Undoubtedly, Larry Johnson will do no such thing because never has he read Marx and or Engles.

Finally, I hope that the U.S.’s first COVID-19 variant case reported in rural Elbert County, Colorado (population 23,086) answers Neville Bowler’s question, “[s]hould rural areas be under the same [COVID-19] restrictions as urban areas and cities?”

Too, Neville Bowler, restaurants are “picked on” because they are (not) essential businesses and because mask-wearing is not conducive to eating and drinking.

Guy Marsh


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