Editorial cartoon, Jan. 11, 2021

Conflict or no conflict?

Reporter Julie Drake wrote about Michael Rives, who was sworn in by the hospital board on 8 Dec 20 and by the college on 11 Dec 20. Lancaster Mayor Parris & Palmdale Mayor Hofbauer state that Rives’ roles “…violates Government Code section 1099… which prohibits any person form ‘simultaneously hold[ing] two public offices that are incompatible…’” This occurs when there is a “…possibility of a significant clash of duties or loyalties…” AV Press, 20 Dec 2020.

Rives is qualified, having an interest in government by holding offices in “…junior high school, high school and college.” He was involved in campaigning for John F. Kennedy and was responsible for getting a social security branch in the Antelope Valley during his failed bid for Congress in 1976. He relocated to Lancaster in 2007. Before speaking at the Lancaster City Council, Rives goes “…through the agenda… pick out issues that… need to be discussed… go online to research in order to be prepared. “Meet Michael Rives, Candidate for Lancaster City Council”, AV Times Feb 2012

The legal action Parris might pursue appears to be a quo warranto, which is “…a special form of legal action used [to determine] whether a specific person has the legal right to hold the public office…” “What Is Quo Warranto?” https://oag.ca.gov/opinions/quo-warranto. Quo Warranto can’t be filed “…without the approval of the Attorney General… but by filing an application. Both parties have the ability to submit arguments. “…The person holding multiple offices… has the burden to prove the offices are compatible.” The People, ex rel. Lacey v. Robles, pg. 13.

After Parris submits his brief, I would suggest that Rives attach to his brief letters from legal counsel from the hospital and the college board explaining why there would not be a conflict to serve on both boards.

Vincent White


It must stop

On January 6th, thousands of angry Trump supporters attacked the US Capitol Building. Five people were killed, and two bombs were planted in the building. If any other group had committed this horrible act, it would be considered a terrorist attack worth going to war over.

This attack happened because people believed in a conspiracy theory that an evil cabal had stolen the 2020 election, and was in the process of undermining the US Government. To people who genuinely believed this was happening, attacking the Capitol Building seemed not only logical, but necessary.

What happened on January 6th was the culmination of years of elements of the Republican base becoming increasingly immersed in conspiracy theories: about President Obama’s birth, to Covid-19 being a hoax, to Q-anon and “stop the steal.” And during all this time, Republican elected officials have found it politically convenient to tolerate or even encourage belief in these conspiracy theories.

That has to stop. Kevin McCarthy, Mike Garcia, Scott Wilk, Tom Lackey and every other elected Republican in the Antelope Valley have a duty to publicly state that Joe Biden won the 2020 election. They must publicly denounce all of these dangerous conspiracy theories, or else these dangerous delusions will continue to rot the heart out of their party, and American democracy.

Samuel Kantor


Police encounter

I was appalled to learn of the treatment of Shawn Gilmer by the Palmdale police on January 3rd. As I understand it, he was about to back his car out of his driveway in Palmdale, when a police car pulled up onto the drive blocking his exit.

The police officer asked for his driver’s license and registration, and then realized Shawn was in his own car on his own property. But by that time several additional police vehicles had arrived on the street as back-up.

I can only imagine how terrifying this situation would be for a Black man anywhere in America today. I am told that the officer never apologized, but offered by way of explanation that a neighbor had called in with concern about a Black man with a car.

My questions are: What kind of training do the police in Palmdale receive? Do they always assume a White person’s concern about a Black driver merits so many police cars? Why are not Black people given the same respect as White people?

Hearing about this makes me, a White person, understand all the more why Black people distrust the police. We all have a lot of work to do to make our society more just for all of our law-abiding citizens.

Alice S. Lonoff

Northbrook, Ill.


James Tilton’s letter criticizing Rep. Garcia for questioning the certification of Joe Biden’s election victory requires a closer look. Tilton first discusses Biden’s 7 million vote spread, but forgets popular vote totals don’t matter in our electoral college system. He then equates Garcia’s decision with a dictatorship before closing by suggesting fighter pilots are cowardly.

You know what would be great, post Trump? Honest debate. Love Trump if you want. Criticize Garcia all you like. One can actually be thrilled with Biden’s win and still acknowledge curious happenings on election night.

I’m sure Tilton is a nice man. I’d encourage him to forgo the current siren song of snark and consider both sides before penning his next letter. That’s one of my resolutions anyway. I just know our republic would benefit from more honesty, especially in political argument.

Kevin Mahady


No looting or rioting?

I don’t get it. The protest at the capital was for what? I didn’t see them carrying any tv’s, Nikes, washing machines, jewelry or anything of value. Didn’t they see all the rioting and looting done by the peaceful protest by Antifa and BLM. I just don’t get it.

P.S. I will give Groundhog the same consideration and respect most democrats and the DC swamp gave President Donald J Trump.

Gerardo Hernandez


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