I wonder

So a letter writer thinks undocumented immigrants boosts Texas economy. A capitalist economy which he dearly hates.

He cites reports from Comptroller Carole Keeton which are over 10 years old I believe. There were other reports, Lone Star Foundation, which says undocumented immigrants cost more then they pay in taxes.

Keeton also said the federal government needs to halt illegal immigration. He also thinks the U.S. economy can absorb one million immigrants each year. Again a capitalist economy.

I wonder if a socialist economy could absorb all these undocumented immigrants. I bet these immigrants are smart enough to the answer to that. Some are probably fleeing such a government.

Ken Ford


Global warming

Whatever happened to global warming?

This rainy season seems to have pushed it off the pages of most sane newspapers.

But an AV Press competitor had to go all the way to New Mexico to find a drought on a Navajo reservation to twist and wring their hands over in their constant publishing of global alarmist sagas.

I’m pulling for their demise in bankruptcy court in the near future.

Larry Kissam


A side benefit

So PG&E spent $10 million last year on lobbying efforts in California. Another example of politics gone rotten, the stench in Sacramento must be overwhelming.

Instead of lavishing expensive meals, gifts and vacations on those elected to serve the interest of we the people, maybe PG&E should have considered putting all the money spent on lobbying back into the company and perhaps they could have avoided bankruptcy.  

A great side benefit of that action for the tax payers in this state is that perhaps instead of being distracted by the constant meetings, expensive meals at restaurants and vacations disguised as seminars, our state reps just might spend more time and effort doing their jobs and making determinations based on what is best for the people of this state rather than what benefits them personally from the lobbying industry.  

Donna Arvesen


We must soon take full control

As a Marxist-DeLeonist, I have not cast a vote in favor of a Democratic politician since 1984; that which will not change during the 2020 election cycle.

Nevertheless, multi-billionaire wage slave master Howard Schultz was mistaken when he claimed that Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal to impose a 70% marginal tax on income more than $10 million is not supported by Americans.

Even a Fox News poll conducted in late-January revealed that 70% of registered voters are in favor of raising taxes on individuals with yearly incomes over $10 million. During the 1950s, the top marginal tax rate stood at 91%, which was the very reason behind said decades’ robust economy.

What Schultz refuses to acknowledge, is that, unless he was his company’s one and only employee, virtually all of his wealth is not his wealth.

Instead, it is the accumulated unpaid labor power of thousands of his wage slaves who are paid back — in the form of wages and salaries only a tiny fraction of the economic wealth that they and they alone produce. As such, capitalists are to workers what bicycles are to fish.

Accordingly, we workers must soon take full control of the social wealth that (we) have produced and use it for what serves us (to wit, the ushering in of a non-carbon based economy, healthcare for all, tuition-free higher education for all and whatever else that we - the productive majority deem necessary.

Guy Marsh


Plan B

Rep. Pelosi and Sen. Schumer repeatedly told President Trump he had to reopen the partially shutdown government before any border wall negotiations would start.

In the meantime, Trump had offered up several items the Dems had previously wanted. However, they had not offered Trump one single negotiating point in return. Trump was the only one who was giving anything yet Pelosi et al. were claiming he was not negotiating.

Trump ended the shutdown and Pelosi immediately stated that there will be no money for the wall. Pelosi and Schumer lied and pulled a classic sucker-punch. The same sucker-punch the Dems pulled on President Reagan in 1986 over the same issue. To the Dems the end justifies the means, win by lying. But, unlike Reagan who got frozen out Trump has a plan B.

Dave Walker


IRS is further behind

In addition to all the miseries caused by Donald Trump’s five-week government shut down, it now appears that taxpayers will be forced to wait much longer to get their refunds.  

It was going to be challenging for the IRS anyway, to explain all the major changes brought on by the Republican tax cut legislation that provided 80% of the benefits to 1% of the very wealthy, but now the shutdown has really delayed things.

The IRS was among one-quarter of federal agencies whose funding lapsed in late December, 88% of its work force, about 70,000 employees, were furloughed.  

The IRS commissioner stated that it would have taken over half of its furloughed workers just to process refunds. The agency’s funding has been cut for several years by Republicans and now additional training of the staff will be necessary and hiring seasonal workers will be difficult.

I’m certain, however, most folks believe that all the problems caused by the shutdown were acceptable so that Trump could belly-ache that he needed $5.7 billion for his stupid wall.

Ralph S. Brax


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