It doesn’t work

Guy Marsh wrote “The writer’s story (that he commented on) is a quintessential example of the commodification of labor power and, therefore, human beings objectification within the capitalist system.” What on earth does that mean? 

I cannot understand why he is demonizing those that employ others. It is not true that employers treat all labor like commodities. Workers in California/America enjoy the highest standard of living in the world with the best benefits. Workers in California/America can work where and for whom they want. Workers in California/America can leave a job if it does not suit them. This is not the set of the movie “1984.”

Politics aside, Mr. Marsh seems to be advocating communism or Venesuelanism, not the America that we all know and love. There is so much history of legislation and social change relating to workers rights and the responsibility of employers, that it is inconceivable that Mr Marsh would suggest what did. 

We all know socialism doesn’t work. We all know that communism doesn’t work. The fact that some people have more than others, or have position or fame or possessions is also not bad. That’s life. There have of course been those who wronged workers and families but much less now and not legally. 

The cornerstone of the American Democracy is individual initiative and the right to pursue the life we want. 

I am far more concerned about those that take and take and take without any contribution to society. I am concerned about how the homeless live and the squaller they create. I am concerned about the “free stuff” mentality held by the government and the do-gooders.

Help wanted signs are everywhere. Many firms are hiring yet all we hear about is the poor unemployed and why they need more government money.

Jim Gardner


Stick with USPS

There are now several different package delivery companies competing with the post office and UPS in delivering packages. 

In our neighborhood a new delivery company is running almost 100% in delivering packages at the wrong house.

I would advise neighbors to stay with the United States Post Office if they wish the package to get to the correct address.

Vance G. Kirkpatrick

Leona Valley

The pot and the kettle

In response to William Collins article on Feb. 18. You are so quick to point your finger at our former president but over look all Biden's lies, before and after he became president.

1. I will not ban fracking, he lied, VP Harris also said Biden would not ban fracking, she lied.

2. Promising to back the unions, he killed 10,000 pipeline jobs while helping Iran build theirs. Plus all the business that had to close because no patrons.

3. Had to start from scratch concerning the COVID virus vaccine. He got his shot before he took office.

4. Open the school within the first 100 days. Now he says he never said that. They will open 1 day a week.

James Comey stopped Hillary from being prosecuted.

I’m over 65 with underlying conditions and need the vaccine. President Biden is inoculating illegals at the border. So much for him putting Americans first, oh that was Trump who put America first. 

He doesn’t care about the American people. He only cares about the illegals so he can get votes for the Democratic Party. Before you try to remove the speck from your brothers eye you need to remove the board from yours. 

Who is the liar in chief now.

Sandra Curtier


Your rights, my rights

Lots of discussions of late about “rights” but none about “responsibilities.” 

The majority of us, I believe, would agree that others have a right to demonstrate for their cause, provided they do in a lawful manner.

My dad once told me that my rights end at the end of my nose. That is to say, my rights cannot over ride the rights of someone else. The Anti Vaccination crowd that blocked entrance to those seeking vaccination for COVUIR19, had no right to stop people from having their right to enter the facility. Also speaks much about the moral aspect of our society.

The days of constructive dialog exchange appear to be over. Now, if someone does not agree with you, they are to be hated. Even if you don’t know them or have ever meet them. Hate is like a cancer that is consuming our society, on both sides of the divide.

What would be the situation now, if we all followed the teachers union edict of no work until we are vaccinated? It really doesn’t matter if you are already being paid to not work.

Jim Brock


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