All I want for Christmas

I would like the Valley Press to publish an adult, “All I want for Christmas” list.

Residents, give our politicians an idea of your wish list for the Antelope Valley. Limit your requests to three items: free choice, a restaurant or store and a type of housing not currently available in our area.

My list is a Kaiser hospital, a gated senior community and a Cracker Barrel restaurant.

Sandi Duvall


Free speech

I guess it’s safe to say I’ve been a fan of Mr. Deavers’s articles in the AV Press for some time. But his piece dated 11/11, titled, “Respecting the right to free speech, free press,” has left me a little puzzled.

In the article, Mr. Deavers indicated that the president didn’t like what was printed about him and therefore, considers Deavers and his colleagues “traitors and enemy of the people.”

Well, that’s a big claim to make. But after reading it, I wondered. Could he be right? Could the president ax freedom of speech? Outraged at the thought of Mr. Deavers writing his next article on cheap jailhouse paper, I decided to check it out.

Believe it or not, there’s several examples of people who managed to indulge their free speech at the expense of the president and avoid the slammer.

First, there’s Madonna. Madonna so beside herself with grief over Trump, that she “dreams of blowing up the White House.”

Next, there’s Kathy Griffin. Kathy is so distraught about the president, that she dawned a sword and gave her best impression of someone in the Taliban.

Snoop Dogg, Bobby DeNiro and Johnny Depp. They all hate Trump so much that they channel John Wilkes Booth.

CNN and most newspapers in America are constantly pushing anti-Trump agenda.

So far, not one of the examples mentioned has been incarcerated for sedition. Talk about leading a charmed life. Anyway, according to Wikipedia, the last president to enforce the sedition act, crafted in 1789, by President Adams, was President Wilson, in 1918.

So you see, Mr. Deavers, I think you’re safe for now. Besides, I’m looking forward to your next article. If things to haywire, I’ll be sure to start a GoFundMe page for your bail.

Robert McGregor


Not in my house

Picture the United States as  your own personal residence.

You have a room in  your house that you can share with another person or two to help them out. Things go OK for a while, but then others hear about your generosity and ask for help. You know it is hard on the rest of the family members, but you take in one more person with a child. Oops, the complaints start coming in.

Not enough food or clothing. There’s medical and school and transportation and jobs. Complaints from the family and complaints from the newcomers. One day,  you wake up and there is a pounding at your door and voices demanding that you take them in because “You have it all and they have nothing.”

These people are strangers. The home that you have isn’t yours anymore. All the rules that you had, no longer apply because no one listens to them, let alone obeys them. Not even some of your own family members, now. There is disorder, chaos and confusion.

The cupboards are getting bare and you’ve had to break into your retirement money to try to sustain your household. Which, by the way, is no longer yours, just in name only. No order, no money, no retirement ... home is going into foreclosure.

Sound familiar? What say I? USA citizens first! Stop giving away my home to every Tom Dick and Harry who comes along. Do everything Constitutionally, we can, to put order back into my home.

Citizens take back your home and stand up and be counted. Everyone else, sit down and put tape over your mouths.

Tough love is hard to swallow sometimes, but necessary. What say you?

Note: *Wikipedia — The phrase “Tom, Dick and Harry” is a placeholder for multiple unspecified people.

Anna Graves



Is it strange that late found ballots only appear in close elections?

Jim Brock


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So too do I say that of all of the many poorly formatted internet discussion forums I a have seen throughout the past twenty-five years, this one is by far the very worst. Congratulations, AVP. You have out done yourselves this time.


Anna Graves: “USA citizens first! Stop giving away my home to every Tom D.i.c.k and Harry who comes along. Do everything Constitutionally, we can, to put order back into my home…Citizens take back your home and stand up and be counted. Everyone else, sit down and put tape over your mouths.”

I say that Anna has given us a finely wrought portrait of a clenched little mind aswarm with snakes, snails and puppy dog tails. [yawn]

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