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That’s how it works

Boy, it is hot outside! I remember past letter here, where Guy Marsh said he had a house with a pool. I don’t have one so, I should be able to use yours whenever I want to. This Socialism thing could work!

Please leave the gate unlocked for me.

Steve Pittinato


DCFS issues

My letter to the editor is in regards to the Department of Children and Family Services. My children have been in custody for almost six years I’ve completed everything that they asked. They will never return to my custody.

I don’t really know how to explain it all in 250 words or less but they’re going to kill my kids. Two of my kids have aged out of the system and are willing to speak on this my three little boys remain under their supervision one in which they put in a child institution for 23 months just last week he tried to kill himself by running across the 14 freeway.

He wasn’t hurt but nothing was done about it his brother this is your older is on the verge of a emotional breakdown he’s 13 years old the youngest of three boys is almost 11 they put in a meet-and-greet.

When I call a child auction and a 60-year-old retired male high school teacher who’s single picked up my at the time 10 year old little boy and brought him home, basically, even though I did everything a children ended up in places. It just had more money than I did no matter how suspicious it was the children’s attorney in County Council continue to lie to the judge and as far as my daughter’s concerned relentlessly keep putting them in harm’s way I don’t know if any of this will matter to you.

Cristina Elgin


But what does it mean?

All the Democrats from the two committees that interviewed Mueller said the same thing — “no one is above the law.”

Does that signal the Democrats have changed their position on illegal immigration and now support deportation?

Joseph Orwat


It takes two wings

A bird has a left wing and a right wing.  

It takes both wings to fly and do what birds are supposed to do.  

Compare a bird to our government. If the left wing and the right wing don’t work together, then the government won’t work either. Food for thought!

Barbara Richardson


Media ‘requirements’

The media did just what they are required to do by their corporate bosses: Turn a debate into an exciting little TV show, complete with anchors and wannabes looking for their “breakout moments.”

Will Brown

Canyon Country

In response

In response to letter writer Vincent White, please allow this short reply.

The Democrats are Socialcrats, no becoming about it. Did you see that last debate?

I hope you are not referring to me when you say “being this way shows how much damage …

You always use some internet blather to try and make a point. The one you used this time, made no sense to me, as referring to my letter. I do not have the education that man of your letter writers have, but I know the definition of socialism and every person who has declared to seek the Democratic nomination is anywhere from 30% to 100% Socialist.

As an accountant, you should know that Social Security and Medicare are earned, not a government giveaway.

Assuming I’m correct, you know that I am, since midterms, Trump has been held back by your Socialcratic buddies. As for any Republicans not writing about support for Obama, I am not now or ever have been a Republican. I did author several letters, early on in Obama’s tenure, saying he won, he is my president, lets work together. The VP can confirm this, in its past ages. When he started bowing down to the man, went on the apology tour, etc., then I started downgrading him.

You are correct, I do not care about lies. Everyone on the planet have told lies. As for his disrespect of women, I am not happy about anyone, including sports stars, rap stars, etc., doing that. However, those are not the values I have. I try very hard to follow the Bible on all things. As I have stated before, I wish Mr. Trump would stay off social media and I voted for Colin Powell in 2016, as well as 2012 and 2008.

Skip Thacker


It must have been hard

It must have been horrible growing up with a conservative, capitalist, business- owning and probably Christian family.

Probably being bullied and made fun because of your family’s beliefs.

When embracing Marxism, and becoming an atheist, breaking away from the previous lifestyle, and finally being accepted by your peers and having friends must have been joyous.

Now you are able to strike back at society for the unhappy life you had to endure.

What you need now is a big hug and maybe some ice cream.

Gary Hansen


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