Letters from Readers August 15, 2019

Term limits are in place

What follows in a comment that I made on a web site that talked to the issue of the politicians and their terms in office in this state. There are many that seem to believe that in some magical way that term limits would solve the problem with the national politicians in this state. We have term limits in our state offices, and look how good it is now.

The talk of term limits leaves me cold, we already have term limits any time we want them, it is called voting!

If there are not enough people voting against a particular candidate that means that those that vote are comfortable with keeping that person in office. I personally detest Diane Feinstein and Kamala Harris, as I did the senator before Kamala, Barbara Boxer.

But they are the people that won the elections and I think that if there were term limits it would not change the political climate, or the nature of the politicians in this state. This state is on the road to self immolation and there does not seem to be enough people that are concerned about it to vote otherwise.

We, at one time had some politicians that were pretty good, but that has long since passed and thanks to illegal aliens and dead people voting we will probably never recover from the malaise that affects the state. Sad since it was at one time the most beautiful and productive state in the union.

The only actual solution that I see if for it to get so bad, that even the billionaire liberals that own and operate the huge social media sites and technical companies will actually begin to see the error of their ways, but I am not holding my breath to be sure!

Terry Story


Why isn’t it working?

In the AV Press editorial, August 9, the writer points out the move by many democratic presidential hopefuls support a government-controlled free national healthcare.

I still wonder why the press, assuming some are not in the tank for the democrats, do not ask an obvious question, if single-payer national healthcare programs work, what about our veterans healthcare program?

It has been a disaster for years. Long waits for healthcare, poor care in the hospitals and limited specialty availability.

If national healthcare works, why not in a smaller scale in the United States?

Maybe the question will come up in future debates. If not during the democrat debates surely in the democrats and republican debates.

John B. Smith


The minimum wage trap

Unfortunately minimum wage laws are more destructive to minorities, the poor and unemployed than lower wages paid by employers.

What most people don’t realize is the minimum wage law is the primary cause of inflation above all other perceived reasons. The minimum wage law creates a never ending vicious circle of layoffs, disappointments and failure.

The minimum wage was sold by labor unions as a way to create a reasonable wage necessary to maintain a desirable standard of living.

Young high school graduates with a limited education and minimal job skills, may find it difficult to find a job. They may not be interested in, or have the opportunity for higher education. They may need to accept lower wages or less desirable employment to avoid vagrancy or homelessness.

Rather than demanding higher wages a motivated unskilled or inexperienced employee should endeavor to learn as much about his or her employer and business as possible.  

To become a valued member of the same. To become someone the manager or boss depends on for productive progress and efficiency. Someone the company cannot do without. Someone management will willingly promote with higher wages and other benefits in order to keep them.

Richard S. Baltzley


Birds of a feather

Re: AV Press article 8-10, “Flores: Put Latinos...on...committee.”

Reading the article was a bit disappointing. Why would Flores, a community activist, want to align himself with the totalitarian gang of three running the AVUHSD.

He in effect had a secret meeting with two of the three and when asked by the AV Press refuses to discuss anything that was said except for one thing. He said his organization will support the gang of three by opposing the recall effort against them.

The gang three have demonstrated to be the most divisive, vindictive, arrogant and narcissistic people imaginable. They have taken the reputation of the Board they sit on and thrown it on the trash heap.

It would seem Flores’ community would be much better served (and grateful) if he were to withdraw his support from the dysfunctional and highly controversial AVUHSD Board and give it to the recall effort.

Dave Walker


Tired of winning

For children in America who are afraid of returning to school after the recent spate of fatal shootings, there is good news.

President Trump is on the case and is offering some sage advice.

“My message to young children going back to school is to go and really study hard and maybe be president of the United States or do something else that’s fantastic. They have nothing to fear, nothing to worry about.”

Whew! Such a relief! No need to fret that the stable genius in the White House and his Republican sycophants in Congress refuse to enact any meaningful legislation regulating assault rifles, the deadly weapons of war used in the attacks.

In fact, Trump declared, “In addition, we are in constant contact with states, with state government. They are really doing a great job. We have this so much better than it was two and a half years ago. Two and a half years ago, it was really not a good situation. I think we have a very, very good system right now.”

Yeah, Texas and Ohio are doing a great job. So, here’s to Donald Trump: the man who puts a Band-Aid on an arterial bleed and boasts of his accomplishments.

Oh, I am so tired of winning.

Jarold Wright

Santa Rosa

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God bless trump. Its people like you that mess up the nation

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