It was sarcasm, not hatred

I never pass up a good opportunity to defend myself, especially when I know I’ve done nothing wrong.

Mr. Gene Sannes of Lancaster called out my letter encouraging everyone to see “Apollo 11,” celebrating our landing men on the moon as one of two letters that day that, “did nothing but spout hate, or disbelief. Such as, Nixon in on the hoax...”

What? Did Mr. Sannes not read the other 98% of the letter that was a celebration of human achievement?

The only arguably negative part of the letter was pointed at basketball player Stephen Curry, who spouted his disbelief that we actually accomplished the moon landings.

The comment about Nixon being in on the hoax wasn’t hatred, it was sarcasm, also directed at Stephen Curry’s opinion that the moon landings never happened.

Gene Sannes: “If there is proof, then say so, if someone lied prove it.”

Ironically, that was the whole point of my letter. We did land on the moon. The proof is in the documentary, “Apollo 11.” Go see it.

Nixon did lie. It was proven in the tapes and transcripts. That’s why he had to resign. Thus the sarcastic parting shot.  

Those are not opinions, they are facts.

In my opinion, some people equate a difference of opinion as hatred, when it’s really just an opposing viewpoint.

Some people also go out of their way to find any reason at all to be offended by what you say, even when they don’t know what they are talking about.  

Some people also don’t understand sarcasm, or simply don’t have a sense of humor, and that’s what is really sad.

Mitchell Seyfer


It’s a green issue

I agree with Vincent White’s letter (4/5/19) that the “varsity blues” FBI investigation exposed alleged scandalous, criminal activity.

I am pleased that arrests have been made and the accused are to defend themselves in a court of law.

I would think that Mr. White would be pleased as well. But no, he is not. Mr. White states that “there is no doubt that this was based on white privilege.”

One again, Vincent White plays the racism card. I’m not surprised.

Mr. white concludes his letter, I have read many letters over the years to this newspaper from white people criticizing affirmative action, but when the “varsity blues” investigation was revealed, not one white person wrote in. Wonder why?”

Mr. Vincent White, wonder no more. This white person didn’t write in because after careful consideration, concluded that the “varsity blues” scandal is not a black thing,not a white thing, but a green (as in money, payola) thing.

This issue is certainly not a matter of race, but indeed, a matter of “content of character.” Agreed, Vincent?

John Phillip Benes


Thank you

As a long time reader of the AV Press, I’d like to first commend you on an article that you wrote concerning Stuart Young and the charges currently against him.

Thank you for not interjecting your opinion. As a friend of Stuart and his large extended family and vast array of friends from all levels of life, I feel compelled to stand up for this man.

He has been a giver of himself to our community for many, many years. For those of us who know the back story and unable to comment, we feel that he will be given his day in court and exonerated. Just know that there is a reason we should assume someone is innocent until proven guilty and this is a perfect case to show that.  

It is a shame that this has caused great devastation to Stuart. But, his huge community of family and friends have given him comfort and support. Thank you.

Karen Briggs


He will be exonerated

Obviously I cannot comment on the case, but I will say that our family believes that our son, Stuart Young, will be fully exonerated.

Stuart has taught for 16 years and coached for much longer. He has helped both male and female students reach their potential physically and intellectually and during those years there has never been the slightest suggestion of impropriety. The people who have worked with my son know his true nature.

Cheryl Young


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