Homeless issues

Are our city officials caving to the ACLU? I have been noticing a large increase in homeless campers all around the AV. 

I believe the liberal goofballs have got to our city officials in Palmdale and Lancaster especially regarding anything goes homeless takeover of the area. These squatter camps are full of trash, shopping carts, ragged tents, weird individuals and squalor. 

I firmly believe that normal people that live here that choose to call this area their home are disgusted with this nonsense. They are letting the odd homeless miscreants and lefties dictate a bizarre acceptance of these people we don’t want here. 

The good citizens of the AV should fight this tooth and nail to keep this area sane for all the normal people. I refuse to accept a homeless camp of clowns next to me. We pay alot of taxes for our leaders to keep this place normal for all of us to take pride in.

Rory Stilson


Liberal traits?

Since you opened the box Ralph, you may be a Democrat if you believe: 

It’s okay, in fact necessary to be a racist as long as it’s towards a white person.

The border should be wide-open.

It’s OK to kill babies by abortion, even up until the day they’re born.

If you support every kind of abhorrent degenerate behavior in society.

The cook at Dell taco should make as much as a doctor.

Progressivism is a good thing.

It’s OK to loot pillage and burn down businesses because it’s peaceful protesting.

Eight-year-olds should be able to decide their gender.

You can make me wear a mask or take a vaccine for your safety.

All your decisions are based on your emotions instead of rational thought.

Joe Biden got more votes than any president ever.

Kamala Harris is black.

If you’re born white you are racist. 

Discriminating against white people now will make up for the wrongs of the past.

The Democrat leadership gives a rip about the American people.

If money just falls into your bank account from some government entity.

Woke cancel culture is a good thing.

Bigger government is the answer to your problems.

There are more than two genders.

It’s OK for men to use the women’s restroom.

It’s OK for a man to feel like a woman but if he feels like a duck, he’s crazy.

Dr. Seuss, Aunt Jemimah, Mr. Potato Head, Speedy Gonzalez and all Republicans are racist.

It’s OK to make more on unemployment then you make at work.

Anything you see on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS in fact I’ll throw FOX news in with them.

Christmas, Easter, Church, Prayer or any other Christian belief is offensive.

This just scratches the surface of the Democrat belief system. More to come.

Jack O’Connor


In the middle

I really enjoyed the letter from Robert McGregor today, especially the last paragraph. It brought to mind something I learned early in life. 

One of the courses I had to take had a section on “deductive reasoning.” I remember one example that was given, pilots wear blue, so is everyone that wears blue a pilot? 

So my thought therefore is, all liberals are Democrats, so are all Democrats liberals? Also, all conservatives are Republicans, so are all Republicans conservatives? 

Maybe, just maybe, there are a lot of folks from both sides who are actually in the middle.

Bill Bryan

Leona Valley

Drop the retort

Recently, Rep. Mike Garcia (CD-25) sat down with the editorial board the Santa Clarita Valley Signal and talked about bipartisanship. 

The article quickly highlights the congressman’s priorities are tax breaks for the wealthy.

The congressman uses coded language throughout using terms infamous to the alt-right. He claims no democrats will break the line with Pelosi and says so without any sense of irony. 

Republicans refuse to break ranks. This was clear when Mike Garcia voted to overturn election results on January 6. It has further been shown that despite being the first generation American he has no solution on immigration. 

He instead beats the drum against H.R. 6. Congressman Garcia has towed the party line of the Republicans constantly since winning his special election. Rep. Mike Garcia has voted no on the American Relief Act and the Equality Act in a district with more democrats registered than republicans, which went to Biden. 

Garcia is planning a dangerous game of alienating a plurality of the voters in the district in an attempt to appeal to fringe elements of his party. 

If Mike is serious about trying to build bipartisan support, while trying to win reelection then he needs to stop the double talk. 

Voters are not dumb, nor do they have a short-term memory. They see when he wears a mask to one event and doesn’t to the next. One of the biggest issues affecting California’s, Americans, and Servicemembers is healthcare. Republicans, such as Garcia, who are in such vulnerable districts would find themselves better positioned to work with such broad democratic positions. 

Advancing a solution for healthcare would help to remove the overhead for business, workers and help to protect the most vulnerable in our society. Mike, work with the democrats, drop the retort, or we will #DropTheMike.

Chris Bellingham


Not so fast

Diehard Trumpublican Judy Watson: “... The White House is surrounded in barbed wire and armed soldiers, is a revolt expected?”

Doh! Girl, it was your people who stormed the Capitol in an attempted coup, called for the death of your own vice president and other elected officials, several lives lost and many lives derailed by these criminal acts of sedition, with not a hint of remorse by any of you or your own elected representatives for this blatant attack on our democracy.

Gee, why should we worry about the safety of our elected officials?

Those like you who look to Trump as your savior should study the citizenry of Cuba in the 50s and see what kind of “savior” Fidel turned out to be, how their support of Castro “enriched” their lives.

Ken Pyle


A ‘mistake’

Winning 4 Best awards in ’76 the movie Network had a lot to offer. 

Old folks remember it for the “Mad as hell” rant, but there is much more. A newscaster had run out of the ability to lie on air. The country was in a lot of trouble and going the wrong direction (gas embargo and lines at stations hostages, unbelievable inflation, etc). 

Viewers seemed powerless to relate to the government and it seemed the Arabs were controlling things. I thought of this today (April 1) reading Robert MC Gregors letter “Lies.”

Seizing on the rant, an upstart programmer leveraged exposing problems into the holy grail of power equals ratings. Looked good until said newscaster exposes a big money deal, with the Arabs.

Here we see todays problems exposed. With a tongue lashing in the corporate board room the newscaster is introduced to “globalism.” There is no Germany, Saudi, Japan, America, Britain. Only GE, Conoco, IBM, GM, Boeing, AT&T.

It is so obvious that todays networks care little for this, or any weaker government.

So with due respect to a very good letter Mr. MC Gregor, your mistake was calling it an “American media.”

Karl Pearcy

Leona valley

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