Where’s Parris?

Recently, Julie Drake reported that “…Antelope Valley clergy, community leaders and activists gathered at Pontician Square to reflect on the verdict and the continued fight for criminal reform.” “Community Discusses Chauvin Verdict,” 24 April 2021. Co-organizer Rev. V. Jesse Smith states that justice cannot just start in Minnesota, “but it must continue in the Antelope Valley. It also must continue in the Sheriff’s Department here in Palmdale and Lancaster, but also at the courthouse.”

There was also an article about Michael Thomas in Lancaster whose girlfriend called 911 due to domestic violence. Thomas was killed because he reached “…down and attempted to gain control of one of the deputy’s firearms.” Thomas is disabled due to missing fingers on one hand. Thomas’ brother is suing the Sheriff’s Department.

At Pontician Square, Palmdale City Manager J.J. Murphy pleaded for unity. On 20 June 2020, Palmdale Mayor Hofbauer and City Manager J.J Murphy joined a diverse crowd of 300 protesters and marched approximately for an hour. Hofbauer said, “It [George Floyd] was unacceptable. Let’s let people know that that’s not Palmdale. We’re good people.”

“Protesters March In Palmdale, AV Press 20 June 2020. I commend the City Of Palmdale for trying to make amends.

Where is Lancaster City Mayor Parris and the City Council? Back in 2013, the Sheriff’s Department and Department of Justice entered into a consent decree because of mistreatment of minorities in the Antelope Valley.  

This started with Parris trying to link African American Section 8 housing participants with crime. I know former Palmdale Mayor Ledford regrets siding with Parris over this issue. Look how Parris turned on Ledford. Parris has hurt a lot of people. “If anyone, then knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.” James 4:17 NIV

Vincent White


It starts at home

We have another police shooting this time a 16 year old female. Like always the liberal media is quick to post without waiting until all the facts are in  putting BLM Activist in full protest mold. 

Many BLM activist are calling this another execution of a Black individual by a White policemen. After hearing that disparate frantic 911 call and seeing the complete video from start to finish plus the video taken from a neighbors camera across the street it looks like a Justified shooting.

Many are saying that cop should of fired a warning shot in the air, what goes up comes down. That cop should of shot her in the leg or shot the knife from her hand, only in the movies. 

That cop should of never shot her in the first place, that racist White uncaring cop let a Black girl die. We now have so called Black leaders saying on national T.V Its just a knife fight it happens all the time in the community as if its normal with over 6,500 Black youths killed yearly in America are shootings included ? If so, thats proof Black Lives don’t Matter to the BLM movement.

All parents must teach their children the love of God, morals, tolerance and respect for adults, the elderly, law enforcement, persons of authority, each other and that all life is precious including the unborn. 

Children as adults and parents are a reflection on how they were raised by their parents. It all starts in the home all children are born innocent.

Miguel Rios


Attracting attention

Afraid of the police? Think they are biased? Think they are out to get you? Then do the logical thing. Don’t do anything to attract their attention.

Jim Brock


Honor them

The following special holiday falls on May the 15th: Peace Officer’s Memorial Day and Police Week, 2010.

A requested holiday. Said holiday was approved by the U.S. Congress and President Obama in 2010.

I say, that all flags,  nationwide shall be flown at half staff to honor our brave officers and firemen on the 15th.

Yes, they deserve such an honor. Yes, do honor them on the 15th. I plan to.

Douglas Valpey


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