Editorial cartoon, April 26, 2021

The truth, please

As a young teenager, a big issue and concern of mine at this moment is COVID-19 but not just COVID getting vaccinated.

Now the thing that concerns me is getting vaccinated is a scary thing for most kids because you are getting a shot most kids are scared of getting shot so then why are people saying two different things kids can’t get COVID than it seemed like out of nowhere kids could get COVID and be sick.

And it seems like from what I hear that most places are making you shot for anything and everything. Then people say no no no kids should not get shot then it flips one kid does not have it.

COVID-19 has pulled the world in half and as a kid, it was scary to go throw and how the world just got sick and closed the door so I wish the world would go back and be better.

Thank you for reading and listening to my concerns.

Brooke Wiltse


Pick up after pets

As I walk around local parks, or even my own apartment complex, I see the small droppings dogs have left around.

This could have been from days, or even weeks ago. And the longer that waste sits out like that, the more it begins to smell. That isn’t the worst part, though.

The chance of accidentally stepping foot into the droppings is even scarier. People need to start taking responsibility of their pets and picking up after them. Others shouldn’t have to worry about stepping in dog waste just because pet owners are too lazy to clean up after their pets.

That should be an automatic thing people do for their pets, and for their community as a whole.

Jalyeha Anderson


Keep rocking

The musician in America. A non-essential entity.

It’s an American shortcoming to marginalize musicians.

I was in a jazz quartet in college and we had the honor of performing a few pieces at this dinner for the kids with the highest G.P.A.

We did a great job and after sat down to eat with everyone.

When the servers came out with the food they started to serve us, the musicians first, probably because we were seated closest to the kitchen.

This Magna Cum Laude prude actually said, “Don’t serve them first. They are just the musicians.”

I laughed it off, but the flute player was really insulted, as she was on the honor role.

Frank Zappa was interviewed by Jane Pauley on this morning show in the late 1980s and they were showing he and his son, Dweezil, on stage together.

Jane made some sarcastic remark like, “That’s not the type of job most parents expect for their children.”

Frank, whose name fit him very well, said, “I just got back from a country called Spain. And in this beautiful country called Spain, you are treated with respect for playing a guitar.

If you play a guitar in Spain, you are treated with respect. If you play a guitar in the United States, you are treated like a social outcast, which is evident by what we have right here.”

Jane Pauley then said, “Well, here you are.” Frank then responded, “Yes, here I am and there I’ll go from the looks of things.”

Audible laughter could be heard from the production crew offstage as Jane went to commercial turning several shades of red.

There was nothing artificial about Frank’s intelligence.

Keep on rocking, musicians!

Mitchell Seyfer


If only

If only Ma’Khia Bryant had followed her foster mother’s simple instruction and not allowed anyone in the home while she was away.

The two strangers would not have taunted Ma’Khia’s housekeeping skills which incited Ma’Khia to pick up the knife, which lead to her death.

Kenneth Clemens


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