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local jobs

We the leadership team of the City of Palmdale support the creation and retention of local jobs in all sectors.

This support extends beyond our City’s borders and includes manufacturers such as BYD in Lancaster, which is currently undergoing a threat of a Congressional ban on transit agencies that use federal dollars to buy Chinese buses and railcars.

BYD, like Kinkisharyo, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed, US Pole, Vision Engineering, Delta Scientific and others are proven job creators, providing income and benefits for thousands of families and a significant boost to the local economy.

Please join us in support of protecting jobs and large scale manufacturing facilities such as BYD which have a positive impact on the entire Antelope Valley community.

Steven D. Hofbauer


Austin Bishop

Mayor Pro Tem

Laura Bettencourt

Council member

Juan Carrillo

Council member

Richard Loa

Council member

James Purtee

City manager

J.J. Murphy

Assistant city manager



from Arizona

I’d like to know how Governor Newsom can sleep at night.  

We have people living on the street. We have kids going to sleep and waking up hungry. We have veterans without major health care.  

Yet California’s governor, with a smile, can encourage illegals to come to California for free health care. You need to wipe that smile off your face, governor.  

You need to start thinking about the legal citizens of California who are going to foot the bill for these illegals. Sleep well.

Stuart A. Cannold

Sierra Vista, Arizona

Campaign accordingly

Many AVP readers are concerned about a repeat performance by Donald Trump in the 2020 election.  

Well, there is an easy solution, put up a worthy candidate to run against Trump.  Also, make sure this person understands the presidential election will be based on the Electoral College, so campaign accordingly.

Francis Chen


Seeking answers

Reading an opinion of a reader today asking, “Does anyone know” who is causing so much crime in Lancaster, mostly in a concentrated area. I have also wondered about this for a long time now. As an example, today it reported on the crimes that occurred on July 13, 2019. There were 12, of which eight were assaults. In Palmdale it recorded nine, of which three were assaults. This number is below the daily average of which some days report thirty or more for both cities.

Always a high concentration of assaults daily. And as far as crime being mainly in a concentrated area, I believe that it is slowly but surely spreading out. “Wow,” what has happened to our valley? My wife and I and family have lived in the Antelope Valley for over 50 years now and has this issue ever changed.

So I ask the same question as the previous opinion writer asked, can any one give us answer. Can anyone tell us if there is any proactive action being taken to combat this increase? Can anyone tell us what demographics of our population is causing this. The most worrisome issue I feel are the high percentage of assaults.

And the answer to this huge problem is not by slowly taking guns and ammunition away from the honest people.

I again end this with the same question again that the previous writer asked, “Can anyone shed some light on this issue?”

And is any one else concerned?

John Cosola

Leona Valley

Be ‘free,’ vote Republican

Not tired of winning. Winning is a good thing.

The most recent rant by our well-spoken lefty accusing President Trump and by association those of us that support him of being racist.

First President Trump has never made a statement containing race in any manner. It just so happens the leftist “squad” all happen to be women of color. They all road in cabs recently also but that doesn’t mean President Trump hates people that ride in cabs. He never said anything about race, ethnicity or anything close.

There seems to be a new definition of Racism today: rac·ism/ noun, definition: anyone that disagrees with the opinion of a Leftist. I recall the same tactic being used, if you disagreed with President Obama you were branded a racist.

The problem with screaming racism at every opportunity is that it is much like the boy who cried wolf. You scream racist until it no longer has any effect and diminishes the offensiveness of real racism.

I happen to agree with President Trump, if you don’t like it here you can leave and that applies to any and all races.

As for President Trumps record on helping the black community compared to President Obama. Obama looked at the black community as people who needed to be kept down and dependent so they’ll continue to vote for Democrats, while Trump wants to help everyone become fully independent and prosperous.

It’s the difference between socialism and capitalism. One keeps people down to control them, while the other frees them to create and build prosperity. A good example under Obama you get a free $20 cellphone under Trump you get a job and a $2,000 tax break.

Jack O’Connor


Following Trump

‘to the death’

Today records an action and event that I, as a loyal American soldier of 30 years would have never imagined in my worst nightmare!

Newsom’s action today about our president is an abomination. The act of a complete despot and enemy of our Constitution.  

It may be that as a Democrat, those of that ilk would like to see tax returns. There is no constitutional mandate that I can see that requires this. But Newsom thumbed his nose at the nation, our constitution and propriety today when he signed a law requiring Trump to file a tax returns before millions of voters in this God forsaken state could vote for him.

This tax problem is not on our commander in chief. But negating the political choice of millions is directly on the head of Newsom.  The immorality of holding millions hostage to force Trump to do his putrid will is absolutely despotic. This is criminal and in violation of our two party system, the intent of our constitution and in direct contradiction with the intent of the Declaration of Independence.  

I pray for military intervention to save millions of Americans from being held hostage to further a political agenda.  

Let this be the preview of Socialism and the Dictatorship of the Proletariat that wants to take over this land.  

Use established moral techniques Newsom, when you use fellow Americans as hostage you go to damn far.

I’ll follow Trump to the death and obey any request or order. But for you, I have nothing but complete absolute contempt and total disrespect. May God be our vindication.  

John Haire

Quartz Hill


Not coffee or roses

The headline for Monday July 29th “City’s cut of sale, gas taxes falls short” should come as no surprise to any of us.

Although the article was written about Lancaster, I’m sure cities across the state are falling short. The gas tax and vehicle registration increases Gov. Brown implemented a couple years ago and the additional gas tax Gov. Newsom implemented July 1 will not be used for the intended purposes.

The money ends up being a “petty cash” fund that the governor and his cronies use for whatever they want. This has been going on for years. It has to stop! The governor has talked about an annual mileage fee (tax), a freeway congestion tax and who knows whatever else he comes up with. I won’t even bring up all the freebies for illegal immigrants.   

An attempt was made on the ballot in November, to repeal the gas and vehicle registration tax. However, the Calif state election officials rewrote the initiative to successfully confuse voters.

Look at all the bond issues that were voter approved in the past. Years later the same bond issues end up on the ballot for more money. Why you may ask ... there is no accountability and whichever entity benefits from the bond monies uses it as they please ... any rarely if at all for the intended purpose.

Voters need to wake up and smell the odor from Sacramento ... and it’s not coffee or roses!

Rick May


It’s not enough

AV Press Reporter Julie Drake wrote that the City of Lancaster (COL) receives an “…estimated $17 million from sales and gas taxes, but that amount is not enough to maintain the City’s roads.” (“City’s Cut Of Sales, Gas Taxes Falls Short,” 29 July 2019) Additionally, the article states that 10th St. West will one day be reduced to one travel lane in each direction.

On April 6, 2017, the Road Repair & Accountability Act was passed, levying a 12 cents per gallon tax on gasoline, a 20 cents per gallon tax on diesel fuel and raised annual vehicle registration fees. The gas tax was to raise $52.4 billion or $5.24 billion per year with $15 billion for local and street and road maintenance. (“Road & Accountability Act, Wikipedia”) Why is COL receiving only $17 million, the same amount as in prior years? Which is cheaper: Creating bike lanes or two travel lanes in each direction?

In March 2012, the COL produced a 563-page entitled, “Master Plan For Trails and Bikeways “to …guide the planning and design of pedestrian, bicycle and equestrian facilities…”

COL wants to add 40 miles of Class 1 bike paths (according to Dept. of Transportation, Class I means “completely separated right of way for exclusive use of bicycles and pedestrians”); 138 miles of Class II bike lanes (“…striped lane for one-way bike travel…”); and 37 miles of  Class III (“…signed shared roadway that provides for shared use with pedestrians)

Benefits of the bike lanes: Exercise, eliminating chronic diseases and reducing motor vehicle speeds.

The sheriff’s department states that COL has the highest rate of fatalities: “…speed plus something. Speed plus poor judgment, speed plus impairment, speed plus (Ludicke gestures texting) … “Lancaster’s Livability:  An Interview With Planning Director Brian Ludicke,” (July 2016)

Vincent White


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