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Where is she?

Trump once Tweeted, “We need a truly great leader, a genius at strategy and winning. Respect!” Couldn’t agree more.

Where is she?

Miguel S. Coronado,


Better bike path

Subject: The bike lane on the Westside of Lancaster could do more to serve kids in the community.

On any given school day, kids can be seen walking to and from school through a field of tumbleweeds between 70th Street West Ave L and Quartz Hill High School. These kids should be able to ride bikes to school.

A glimmer of hope came when the City of Lancaster installed a bike path. The problem is, it doesn’t go past the high school. Beginning at 110 Street West Ave L, it stops at 70th Street West Ave L.

The City of Lancaster’s website states “this network will provide linkages to residential areas, commercial centers, transportation hubs, employment centers and recreational activities.”

The bike path would serve the community better if it provided a link from residential homes to the local high school.

Olga Planas Lynch


Return the

USS Pueblo

Mr. President, It’s very obvious that you and everyone else has completely forgotten about the Pueblo. The time has long past for North Korea to return the Pueblo. The ship is still commissioned and being used as a museum trophy for Little Kim. The product of another weak president (Johnson). Sailors died trying to defend her.

Ross Trinidad


Puzzles and accusations

I’ve held my tongue long enough. I see others have written in with the same basic complaints that I have with the changes that have been made in this newspaper  not just “this newspaper” but with what was an “award” winning newspaper.

What has happened? I have been reading this newspaper for nearly 40 years. I subscribed to it because it was “local”, carried stories about Littlerock, Pearblossom, Palmdale, Lancaster, Rosamond, Cal City, etc.

Now, the whole format of this newspaper has changed. Its beginning to look a lot like a 2nd rate newspaper. You took out the Wonderword and Jumble puzzles and thank you for putting them back, but what I really object to with regard to the puzzles  you replaced the NY Times Daily Crossword with something I have never heard of and don’t even want to try to solve.

Everyone knows the NY Times puzzles have always been held as the best challenges.

Now, Letters to the Editor  It sure looks like this section of the paper has diminished quite significantly. I don’t see nearly as many contributors as there used to be and it is my opinion that it is because of the Liberal Trump haters writing their typical follow the leader opinions and not doing the due diligence fact finding that they should do. Look at what has happened to Brett Kavanaugh. He has been tried an convicted in the media. What has happened to innocent until proven guilty?

There has been no corroborating evidence to Blasey-Fords story. Her story is nearly 40 years old and I do believe something may have happened to her, but not at the hands of Brett Kavanaugh. If you did your own research, you’d find George Soros a significant person in her life. Open your eyes people, do your due diligence, find out the facts

Pat Haddock-Smith


How do you sleep?

OK, let’s tell it like it is. Since electing our “Make America Great Again” president it is now “dog eat dog” more than ever. What will happen next in the crazy world of Trump? Relax. Do you sleep well at night? How did this happen?

Ray Carver


Another lawsuit?

The “Bullet Train” project, that has priority over 1,300 structurally deficient bridges, built deficient bridge abutments. That’s after building 24,000 bridges in CA.

Another lawsuit to pay for replacement?

Ken Garrison


Guilty of throwing ice

I am guilty, I threw ice at one of my friends when I was in high school. Don’t remember day or place. Will this disqualify me from running for president of my HOA.

Gerardo Hernandez


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