A few thoughts

1. Thousands of unaccompanied children are crossing our border creating a crisis. Open border supporters should start operation open homes where they provide shelter, food, clothing, education and healthcare out of pocket. Over $80 million in tax money being spent to house them in hotels, so much for our Vets and homeless. How unfair it is to those immigrants who are playing by the rules and are now pushed towards the end of the line.

2. Gov. Newsom does what liberal progressive Democrats typically always do when opposed they label those who legitimately oppose them racist and White supremacist.

3. Cardi B gave a shocking sexual performance on live TV during the crappie awards and with all she showed the viewership was still the lowest.

4. Hidin Biden weeds out five White House staffers for past weed smoking. Good thing for VP Ha Ha Kamala Hidin Biden has a bad memory and forgot that Kamala bragged on national TV about smoking weed.

5. Pushing every one be COVID-19 vaccinated yet no one is asking what if one has already has the virus and once vaccinated what are the possible side effects/dangers?

6. Another mass shooting where innocents were killed and like always blame is put on the firearm not the shooter. In the early 1960s any one could order a firearm over the mail with no background checks, there were no mass shootings. Training this generation of children to except violence as the norm if so, Hollywood and makers of graphic video games in so called entertainment should take a bow.

Miguel Rios


Truth or opinion

Recently, Ms. Stephens felt that Mr. Franklin Graham was misquoted and further wrote that Mr. Ron Belleville should have said it was his interpretation instead of Mr. Graham. 

As I read this, I was thinking about how some Republican contributors to this newspaper write as if it is absolutely true.

On 23 March 2021, Judy Watson wrote, “The left manipulates facts, hides the truth, no transparency, pushes a narrative of lies, and force people to believe what they’re told to believe. The Left’s end goal is ‘control.’” In four years, why hasn’t Watson written about former President Trump hiding the truth by lying?

On 2 Sept. 2020, Jim Jarrett wrote, “President Trump has accomplished more in three plus years in Washington, than most presidents and so much more than Vice President Biden has in over four decades.” 

Every year in four years, Trump increased the deficit. In just eight years working with former President Obama, the deficit reduced every year but one. If Biden got this done in eight years, how much do you think he accomplished over his 40-year tenure as a congressman?

On 19 March 2021, Jim Gardner wrote, “The Trump haters still find it necessary to continue their hate speech and criticisms of former President Trump…” Over the past four years, Jarold Wright has consistently written facts about Trump that was consistently ignored by Gardner. Yet many Republicans like Gardner erroneously write about Democrats “attacking” Trump.

“And we hear now that Biden is about to raise taxes.” There is no evidence that Biden is raising taxes on everyone. Gardner presents no evidence that the middle class benefited from Trump’s tax cuts. Under Trump’s tax cuts, the middle class averaged $60 while the rich averaged $193,000. Are Gardner, Watson, or Jarrett going to keep Biden’s stimulus check?

Vincent White


Print some more

If there was anymore pork in the latest COVID-19 bill, it would be able to get up and run away.

Would be funny except for the fact that our grandchildren will have to pay for our reckless spending.

No worry, just crank up the money presses.

Jim Brock


Laugh ’til it hurts

I laughed until my sides ached while reading Mitchell Seyfer’s letter “Those were the days.”

I found it hilarious. You may have missed your calling, Mr. Seyfer.

Irma Carroll Lindsay


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