On March 30, a Chinese woman carrying a thumb drive loaded with malware was detained at Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s private Florida club.

The woman, Yujing Zhang, has been charged with two federal crimes: making false statements to a federal officer and entering restricted property.

She was carrying four cell phones, one laptop, one external hard drive and the thumb drive, according to court records.

Zhang originally told a U.S. Secret Service agent that she wanted to use Mar-a-Lago’s pool, but upon further questions, said she had traveled from Shanghai to attend a “United Nations Friendship Event” between China and the United States.

She said she planned to speak with a member of the president’s family about U.S.-Chinese economic relations.

In court records, her birth year was listed as 1986.

Trump was golfing at one of his nearby clubs at the time of the incident. First lady Melanie Trump and other members of the Trump family were at Mar-a-Lago, according to NBC.

In a statement, the Secret Service said it does not decide who gains access to the president’s private club.

Trump was asked by reporters on Wednesday whether he was worried the Chinese might be trying to spy at Mar-a-Lago. He said he’d seen the story and had a brief meeting, but largely brushed it off.

“No, I’m not concerned at all,” he said. “We have very good control.”

Malware is any type of software getting into a system that does something the administrator doesn’t want it to do, Greg Hall, an expert in malware analysis at the University of West Florida’s Center for Cybersecurity, said.

It can be anything from adware — software that automatically displays or downloads advertising material — to more nefarious programs that can enter a system from one computer and take data from other computers.

Although Zhang had said she wished to go to the pool, agents found no swimming apparel in her possession.

The mystery at Mar-a-Lago is still being investigated.

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