It’s possible that China’s famous protective wall won the publicity prize over the centuries, but the Trump border wall has been in the news for many years, including during his presidency.

Reporters recently published a bunch of stories about the Trump project.

A last-minute rush to build lasted through Donald J. Trump’s last day in office. The effort left odd, partially completed sections of a barrier whose fate President Biden must now determine. That was written by Adriana Zehbrauskas for The New York Times.

The sweeping view of undefiled wilderness on the border with Mexico long rewarded hikers who completed the Arizona Trail, an 800-mile route winding through deserts, canyons and forests.

Then something else came into focus a few weeks ago at the forbidding site in the Huachuca Mountains: A lonely segment of the border wall, connected to nothing at all, in an area where migrants rarely even try to cross into the United States.

“There it was, this unfinished piece of completely pointless wall, right in this magical place,” Julia Sheehan, 31, a nurse and former Air Force mechanic who trekked to the site with three other military veterans who are hiking the Arizona Trail, said in the Times article. “It’s one of the most senseless things I’ve ever seen.”

Now the incomplete border wall, already one of the costliest mega projects in United States history, with an estimated eventual price tag of more than $15 billion, is igniting tensions again as critics urge Biden to tear down parts of the wall and Republican leaders call on him to finish it.

The latest controversy over the wall comes amid a significant increase in migration across the border that is prompting US authorities to search for extra places to hold new arrivals, especially unaccompanied children and teenagers.

More than 9,400 young migrants arrived along the border without parents in February, a nearly threefold increase over last year at the same time, creating a serious humanitarian challenge.

The Biden administration suspended construction on the border wall on Jan. 20, the president’s first day in office, announcing a 60-day period during which officials are determining how to proceed.

Altogether, the Trump administration completed about 463 miles of border wall since 2017. Billions of dollars for the wall were diverted from funding originally appropriated to the Defense Department.

While many stretches of the 1,954-mile border already had some low-level barriers built by previous administrations, the project was mired in controversy from the start.

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