The Conservative political Action Conference in Orlando¸ Fla., had echoes from the past. Former president Donald J. Trump was making his first public appearance since moving out of the White House.

In essence, the speech topics had a ring of repetition from his two previous campaigns.

Here are some of the subject matters he again dealt with:

“It’s far from being over,” “Hard workers waged a historic struggle,” “We will be victorious,” “There was a strange turnover from before,” “Radical Democrats and fake news media wrecked the election which I won by a landslide,” “Unsecure elections will divide the vote and prevent us from ever winning again,” “There was 500 miles of great border wall built while I was president,” “The China virus is destroying our beloved country,” “We must have only one day for the election,” “The insanity of mail-in ballots must be ended,” “We have easy victories in debates,” “But we are going to win in a great triumph,” “Our party’s brightest days are just ahead,” “We must decide to beat them for a third time,” “Children must be able to go back to school,” “Future energy prices will go through the roof,” “I achieved the highest speed of vaccine production,” “Thanks to me, we now have a Space Force,” “We reject ‘cancel culture,’” “China is a giant economic threat.”

The ex-president’s speech was wrapped up after one-and-a-half hours.

Trump missed several topics that have been widely discussed in the past few weeks, which include the large number of virus deaths that he made no attempt to halt — 519,014 as of March 1.

The Jan. 6 riot that involved deaths, hundreds of injuries and an attempt to take over the United States Capitol, he also forgot to mention. His audience of 1,400 activists applauded often but not for every line in his talk.  

Trump did rip Republicans who voted for his impeachment. His speech was loaded with his strongest vitriol for President Joseph Biden, who won by seven million votes. The former president criticized the Republicans who he believes didn’t fight hard enough for his re-election.

The Los Angeles Times headline summed up the gist of the talk: “Trump speech heavy on falsehoods, grievances.”

He referred to the group as “Republicans in Name Only,” or “RINOs,” saying to supporters, that the more independent lawmakers “will destroy the Republican Party, the American worker and our country itself.” He was acquitted by the Senate.

He teased his audience with comments that suggested he might run again in 2024. He said there will not be a new party formed, “because we have the Republican Party.”

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