Republicans lost both Senate races on Jan. 5, losing control of the Upper Chamber.

A Wall Street Journal editorial had this advice: “If you want to win, don’t tell voters that their votes don’t matter.”

The editorial also warned “Don’t have a president tell his voters that the last election was stolen, the Georgia Republicans were complicit in the theft, that GOP Senate leaders don’t care, and then expect those same voters to turn out in the Senate runoffs after a rally and a few tweets.”

The newspaper explained that “Donald Trump cost Republicans the Senate race by a referendum on himself. The races should have been a referendum on blocking Democrats from controlling all of Congress and the executive branch.

“But that message was obscured, if not obliterated by Trump’s insistence on telling voters day after day that he was cheated in November — no matter the lack of credible evidence or plausible path to victory.”

The suburban voters who rejected Trump in November also didn’t return to support GOP incumbents Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

Trump also hurt Republicans by stumping for $2,000 in Covid relief checks after the GOP Senate had voted for $600.

The editorialist suggested that Trump wanted Republicans to lose the Senate to show they couldn’t keep power without him.

The 2020 results in total, show the limits of the Trump coalition.

For every working class, rural voter he’s attracted, he has lost votes in the suburb. That cost Republicans control of the House in 2018 and in 2020, it cost them the White House and now the Senate.

Another warning: The country will soon endure the consequences and they are likely to be considerable. With control of the Senate and the House, Democrats can write a budget without having to compromise with Republicans. They can raise taxes through budget reconciliation.

The newspaper predicted that the GOP can confirm nominees and judges on party line votes. And that’s without repealing the 60-vote legislative filibuster rule. 

They can and will block any Congressional oversight of the Biden administration and the media will fall in line.

Is that the WSJ’s offer for a bet?

The writer claimed that Joe Biden will be less inclined and less able to resist his party’s progressives, who will be even more emboldened after the Georgia victories.

The editorial expresses a wish that Republicans keep Trump’s contribution to these defeats in mind over the next two years as their taxes and energy costs rise.

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