Spring is in the air and with the warmer weather, comes spring fever.

It’s likely to be particularly bad this year after enduring a year of quarantine and stay-at-home orders. People, understandably, are eager to get outdoors and do something, anything that will break up the monotony of what has become their daily lives.

With businesses such as gyms and restaurants reopening for indoor dining, there are more activities for people who want to venture outside their homes. It’s evident that people are engaging in more activities. A trip to Los Angeles over the weekend revealed a clogged 5 Freeway, slowly filtering vehicles through it, to their destination.

Stores are more crowded and many restaurants have a wait list for indoor dining, as they attempt to accommodate, with a limited capacity, all who wish to dine there. Plenty of people can be seen getting takeout, so not everyone is choosing the dine-in option.

The return to a semblance of normalcy is a somewhat welcome sight. It depends on how you look at the situation. If you look at it from the perspective that businesses are getting to serve their customers — and customers are going to those businesses, then yes, it’s a good thing. Spending will certainly help our economy.

However, if you look at it with pandemic glasses on, it’s worrisome, as you can’t help but wonder how many of the folks that are out and about have been vaccinated (and fully vaccinated, at that). We bet a fair percentage have, but most likely, the majority have not. 

We’ve talked about the pandemic ad nauseaum over the past year and really, how could we help it? It’s affected everyone’s life is some way — some worse than others. 

We continue to hope that people do what they feel is right for them — and hopefully that means they will get vaccinated. If not, we hope they stay away from people, as they have no idea who’s received the inoculation, who’s at risk of dying from the disease or who’s asymptomatic. Distance and continuing to follow the guidelines set in place by the Centers for Disease Control are the only ways to continue our upward progress.

Hopefully better days are ahead. 

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