A member of the Antelope Valley League of United Latin American Citizens wants the Antelope Valley Union High School District’s Superintendent Advisory Committee to include members of the Latino community, to “reflect the District’s majority student population.”

That’s not surprising and it would make sense that there’s at least one member to represent the ever-growing student population. What is somewhat surprising, however, is how Xavier Flores is going about it. He’s “recommending” the problem be rectified immediately, by including individuals to represent the Latino community.

What that really means is he’s willing to do what he needs to do, in order to accomplish his goal, even if that means aligning himself (and the Latino community that he represents) with the “gang of three,” also known as AVUHSD President Robert Davis, Vice President Victoria Ruffin and Clerk Amanda Parrell.

In fact, Flores made it clear that he and AV LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) would not support a recall effort of the three. In addition, he met with them in private, to discuss who-knows-what. We certainly don’t know because he refused to tell staff reporter Julie Drake what they talked about.

What we do know is that he’s pledged his support of the three and it’s pretty clear why he would. He wants to ensure he can get a Latino voice or two on that committee and if that means supporting three Board members who should have been ousted a long time ago, then so be it.

He seems to be trying to curry favor with them to further his own agenda. He went as far as to tell them that he could provide a list of qualified individuals. There’s no doubt about that. Of course he can provide a list of fine, hand-picked individuals who may or may not be qualified, but who will undoubtedly do as he, Davis, Ruffin and Parrell instruct.

Isn’t that exactly the type of behavior the three engage in? They give contracts to their friends and associates, they spend taxpayer money however they want, they claim racism and retaliate against anyone who dares to disagree with them.

Not to mention, they want to make sure their student trustees either fall in line or get ousted. They need someone to vote with them, to ensure they retain the stranglehold they have on the Board when it comes to passing their motions.

Flores’ action is just another example of the continued malfeasance that plagues the School District. What the District needs are Board members who have the students’ best interests in mind, not another person who is going to follow the direction of someone who’s drunk with power or trying to gain a foothold on a governing  Board.

Why did he need to request a Latino Board member be chosen? If the three wanted to appoint one, they would have. They certainly don’t need his direction. It’s clear that they will do as they please. So what does Flores bring to the table? There has to be something he can offer, otherwise it’s not going to be appealing to Davis, Ruffin or Parrell.

Flores is quick to remind everyone about the growing Latino population in the Antelope Valley. And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, there is something wrong with him using it as some sort of leverage to make others bend to his will.

Is he the ultimate voice for the Latino community? Does everyone agree with him? Does he have that much influence or does he want people to think he does?

Julie Drake sent an email to Flores late last week, asking for clarification on some issues he discussed, but he declined to comment on anything.

He also declined to say whether AV LULAC asked the “gang of three” why they did not select a member of the Latino community to serve as their representatives.

We’re guessing the meeting he had with them was an effort to lean on them and remind them that the growing Latino population has voting power. After all, he’s done this type of thing before, when meeting with Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva. He only invited members of the Latino community and made sure no media in attendance would report on the meeting.

Another indicator of something foul being afoot is the fact that Flores emailed Julie Drake and cc’d the editor, asking that Julie quit covering the education beat, while accusing the AV Press staff, management and owners, of being biased and creating a cultural divide.

That couldn’t be further from the truth, but when you’re backed into a corner and being asked tough questions, it’s easy to lash out.

Don’t count on Flores to answer any questions in the future. He feels he’s been misrepresented, yet won’t be transparent in his discussions and how he’s representing AV LULAC.

By the way, we can assure that Julie is not going to be reassigned. 

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