Tuesday’s editorial about the Antelope Valley Union High School District Board’s latest shenanigans ended with, “Until next time...” Who would have thought that would be so soon?

We really wish we could stop writing about these folks, but they seem to provide a never-ending supply of malfeasance on which to report.

In the latest installment of “what did the Board do now,” President Robert Davis submitted his resignation from the Board. Maybe not all the Whos in Whoville are cheering (to make a Dr. Seuss reference), but there are probably quite a few who are ecstatic.

Davis’s resignation letter was dated Oct. 30, but the Nov. 4 date reflects when it was filed with the Los Angeles County Office of Education. An LACOE representative confirmed the letter was received on Nov. 4.

So what does this mean for the rest of the Board? To begin with, it means the “gang of three” has been broken up and hopefully there will be no more 3-2 votes, which have plagued just about every Board action vote for the past 11 months. The other piece of good news (we hope) is that a  new Board member must be chosen.

District Superintendent David Vierra said in an email to District employees Thursday morning, that “...Many people in our school community care deeply about our mission to serve students and to create supportive and collaborative working environments for our dedicated staff members. Whether the Board decides to hold a special election or appoint someone to this important position, I trust that this position will be filled by someone who truly has a desire to serve our students, our District and our community.”

We can only hope he’s correct. Through the actions of Davis, Vice President Victoria Ruffin and Clerk Amanda Parrell, we have been under the impression that they are anything but concerned with serving students, the District or community.

Under state law, the Board has 60 days from the date of Davis’s resignation, to fill his seat. They can either make a provisional appointment or call a special election.

If the Board does nothing, the LACOE will order a special election, either way, the provisional appointee or candidate must be a registered voter who lives within the boundaries of Trustee Area No. 3, the area Davis represented.

We seriously doubt the remaining Board members will be able to agree on whom to appoint to fill the vacancy. They haven’t been able to agree on much thus far, which is why the Board majority ran roughshod over the Board minority.

Given the perceived inability to reach an agreement on several issues, it’s probably safe to says this will end up going through the election process.

This may be the best solution, as long as enough voters turn out and another one of their picks is not chosen. It’s not easy to remain optimistic, given their track record.

However, we are hoping the person chose to fill Davis’s seat will not reform the “gang of three,” but instead will consider the action, contracts, etc., being presented on vote based on knowledge and what’s best for those affected.

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