A number of news media outlets publish lists of what their editors have deemed the top news stories in 2018.  

The Antelope Valley Press Editorial Board has checked out the selections and compiled what we feel are the most important stories of the year. These items are not ranked by perceived importance.   

• The uncivil warfare in Washington D.C. between President Donald Trump and his allies and his adversaries.

• The Blue Wave that added about 40 Democrats to the House of Representatives to give the party majority status in future legislation, beginning on Jan. 3, 2019.

• The efforts of America, Russia and China to climb to the top of the planet’s high-altitude prestige mountain.

• The investigations into dirty tricks played primarily by the Russians during the United States 2016 presidential election.

• The special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe has been closely held, with virtually no leaks and its results may be revealed early in 2019.

• The partial national government shutdowns, withholding pay for tens of thousands during the normally merry holiday season.

• The awesome spread of social media, which is too often used for propaganda and fictional content developed to change or heighten public opinions.

• The deadly wars — with massive killings — in Syria and Yemen.

• The tear-filled, family destroying mass shooting incidents in various regions of the United States.

• California’s wildfire dramas, killing people, destroying homes and thousands of acres of tree-beautified regions.

• Migrant family separations and migrant caravans.

• The nationwide homeless crisis.

• The Judge Kavanaugh televised hearings.

• The terrifying expansion of nuclear weapons that can be rocketed across our largest oceans.

• The grating lack of civility in American politics and throughout the world among nations that were once allies and are now enemies.

• The fired-up disrespect by Trump and others, trying to besmirch the press in spite of the First Amendment’s clear message.

• The full flight of dozens of government workers — even from the White House — leaving hundreds of positions unfilled and destroying good laws just because they were passed by the opposite party.

• The cruel lack of help for Puerto Rico which suffered horrifically from the raging Hurricane Maria, leaving people without electricity for many, many months.

• The fall from grace for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

• The exposure of scores of men who lost their jobs – many of them high-paying – because of sexual harassment.

• And a royal wedding took place as England’s Prince Harry wed American actress Meghan Markle (now known as the Duchess of Sussex).

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