The Antelope Valley Press is not prepared to endorse any presidential candidates at this early time, months prior to the November 2020 election.

But the future of health care insurance is one of the prime talking points among the candidates.

Kamala Harris has come out with a concept that would retain private health care insurance for those who sell it and those who use the coverage while the broad-stroke Medicare for All is being implemented.

Or by retaining the matrix for the Affordable Care Act, with serious improvements — promoted by Joe Biden — could possibly be highly popular among people who are already signed up for the ACA and future enrollees.

Trying to wipe out private health care insurance would have a devastating effect on agents and customers all across the country.  The nation’s private sector has provided the United States with fabulous growth rates throughout our history, whereas a number of government economic systems have stumbled and crashed.

The goal is to provide health care for all Americans at rates they can afford.

The Harris plan would be developed over one decade, but we believe there’s no need to end private coverage if the agents and customers want to keep it.

It is absolutely essential that “pre-existing conditions” must be covered.

Kathleen Sibelius, who served as secretary of Health and Human Services in the Obama administration and was consulted on the Harris plan, blessed it as “a smart way to get to Medicare for All, where all individuals and employers can transition smoothly into a system that covers everyone.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont says that all Americans should be enrolled in a single government-run plan, insisting that it’s the most efficient way to lower health care costs.   

The transition periods should not result in employment layoffs or non-coverage. The private systems have served many residents well, while American enterprise has thrived.

Harris’ offering maintains her commitment to universal health care coverage — demanded by her party’s base — while lowering the temperature among the guardians of the Affordable Care Act who fear that overreach would wipe out their hard-fought gains.

Health care has consistently been a top issue — if not the leading concern — among voters, nationally and in the key early voting states, but has bitterly divided the Democratic primary election campaigns.

Everyone in the nation must end up with well thought out health care.

It’s the American way and we should retain the concept that provides this necessary element in our democracy.

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