Has Gov. Gavin Newsom just engaged in a case of “do as I say, not as I do?” 

That’s what some people on social media seem to think, after he announced a curfew for most counties on Thursday afternoon. The curfew began Saturday and will be in effect for one month, between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

The snide comments come after Newsom was spotted at the restaurant, French Laundry, having dinner and sitting in close proximity to others who joined him. Maybe the criticism wouldn’t have been so harsh if he was wearing a mask, but the photo that began circulating showed him without one.

Thanksgiving is Thursday and we have all been advised to not gather with people outside of our household, but if we do, the number of households present should be no more than three, the event should be outside and should last no longer than two hours. All of these guidelines are in place to ensure the spread of COVID-19 doesn’t continue to happen.

Will people listen? There’s no simple answer to this question. Some will abide by the rules because they will see beyond their own anger at Newsom and their inability to follow “rules.” Others, however, are upset that he has not followed the widespread advice we’ve all been receiving in recent months, so they will continue to do as they please. They may find their selfishness and pettiness wasn’t worth it, if they or a family member gets the virus. It’s definitely risky behavior, but plenty of folks have been engaging in risky behavior this entire time, anyway. Just look at the COVID-19 data — deaths and positive cases continue to climb.

But back to Newsom. He’s telling us to follow the rules, but apparently the rules don’t apply to him. He apologized for attending the event and acknowledged that it was wrong. Talk about too little, too late. That realization should have come before he went to dinner that night.

What was so important, that he’d take the risk of contracting this virus? Did everyone there show their COVID-19 negative test results before they sat down to dinner? We doubt it. Aren’t leaders supposed to lead by example? He clearly fell short of doing so, in this instance.

Shame on Gov. Newsom. His actions are disappointing, we expect better from our state leaders — especially when they are putting restrictions on the rest of us. 

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