None of us will ever forget what we saw on Wednesday, as a band of thugs breached the US Capital and ran wild through America’s House.  

As Sen. Chuck Schumer stated, it will enter the sad list of “days of infamy” in American History. Worse still is the cause of this unprecedented riot — the president of the United States.  

However, one man could not cause such destruction to our democratic values. He needed help and that’s exactly what he received from our two Congressional Representatives, Kevin McCarthy and Mike Garcia.  

As columnist William Warford described in the Friday edition of the AV Press,  McCarthy and Garcia “were not exactly profiles in courage.” 

He was being kind. McCarthy has a long history of kowtowing to Trump. His recent questioning of the legitimacy of the 2020 election is more of the same pathetic pandering. He certainly accepted the results of the election for his seat.  

As for Garcia, the situation is even worse. He accepted his win by only 400 seats and the gracious concession of his opponent is an example of how true and fair elections are conducted. He claimed he was opposing results in Arizona and Pennsylvania, but not the results of his race.  

The Wednesday riot did not happen with the statements made just on that day.  There has been a more than two month assault on our election results. Comments supporting the president’s false claims add to the radicalization of the public and led to the debacle.  

The support our Congressional representatives gave to this narrative are forever linked to one of the saddest days in our history. 

Both leaders claim to be looking out for their constituents. 

In McCarthy’s case that may be true. He enjoyed a comfortable victory in his district and perhaps they feel as he does. Garcia however, is very new to Congress and seems to forget he only won by 400 votes. His claims of representing his district ring hollow when viewed through that prism. Both men certainly contributed to the doubts about the very soul of our nation. 

McCarthy, after his long time in Congress, needs to work to heal this gaping wound in our Republic. Garcia, as a veteran, should be ashamed and should realize that his stance has made it impossible for him to lead his district and should resign immediately.

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Both Garcia and McCarthy should resign. Mitt Romney was correct is asserting that the best way to show respect for your voters is to tell them the truth. Even if not all constituents want to hear it, even if they don’t like the election results, this was a free and fair election, as confirmed by both Democratic and Republican state election officials, election cybersecurity officials, and even Trump loyalist Bill Barr. Trump and his legal team had over 60 court cases to present evidence of fraud and produced nothing of substance. Even judges appointed by Trump found the claims to have no evidence. Like it or not, this is the truth. Garcia and McCarthy know it, because they did not challenge any down-ballot Republican victories where this supposed “fraud” took place. Both Garcia and McCarthy lied to their constituents so egregiously that they fanned the flames of insurrection. To claim without evidence that the election was rigged, and to attempt to subvert the results of that election is unconstitutional and undermines the very foundations of the government they are sworn to uphold. By making such claims, they emboldened misinformed and unhinged people to take violent action. What a disgrace! They should resign.

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