In a 1984 presidential TV political ad, Ronald Reagan’s opening line was “It’s morning in America.” The full slogan was “Prouder, Stronger, Better.”

Today, New Year’s Day raises the curtain on our nation’s brand new year, 2021.

At midnight last night, the dark, pandemic curtain came down with horrific death tolls and illnesses caused by the Coronavirus crisis, huge unemployment statistics and lack of basic living standards.

The residents of the United States of America are hoping for a new departure into the realm of an historic America that has previously been the envy of the nations of the world.

The fight this past year has been a crushing battle against viruses so small that it takes a strong microscope to see them. It’s different and enormously dangerous, compared with the past.

The nation has been delivered downward into illnesses, deaths, massive job layoffs, hours of hunger while waiting to pick up donated food, troubled education routines, devastations in family life, and rigid, uncommon regulations in the land noted for its freedom.

Americans are desperately hoping to gain back the precious lifestyles of the past.

It will require a return to the rhythms of earlier centuries where working together, unselfishly has yielded outstanding benefits for all our people.

In the political fields, there must be strong efforts to harmonize, instead of bickering and fighting and expressions of hatred against individuals and/or groups.

Gaining allies must be promoted in America and in foreign lands instead of attacks on perceived enemies. Wouldn’t the planet be vastly improved if there was a world-wide, enforced ban against nuclear weapons?

Governments must return to productive organizations that uphold the nation’s promises of the pursuit of happiness under huge umbrellas of freedom.

The leaders must emphasize bipartisanship as opposed to clinging to unreasonable stances that benefit no one.

Our country was formed to live by the concept of togetherness, not divisiveness.

The wonder of our democracy is the voting power of each individual citizen, a bold attempt to provide government by the people not just for the benefit of one individual or group.

What we have in the recent past is a system focused not on collective problem-solving but on a struggle for power between two divisive organizations or individuals.

Party activists control access to the ballot through closed party primaries and conventions; partisan leaders design congressional districts.

Once elected to Congress, our representatives are divided into warring camps. Partisans decide what bills to take up, what witnesses to hear, what amendments to allow.

We need to reexamine what the founders sought in our democracy. Let this truly be the “re-dawning of America.”

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