The inauguration is on Wednesday, which means Joseph R. Biden will be installed at the 46th president of the United States.

For many, Inauguration Day couldn’t get here fast enough. The last few weeks of Donald Trump’s presidency have been wrought with even more controversy than we’ve seen before. He insists the election was fraudulent, despite no proof to support his claims. His supporters believe his claim and they’re upset — going as far as to incite violence.

With the inauguration coming up, officials at the Capitol in Washington, D.C., are already on alert. In fact, expecting more civil unrest, they have blocked off access to the Capitol. 

They’re not the only ones worried about what could happen on Wednesday. States across the country are also making preparations for the possibility of protests at their capitol buildings.

In fact, city, state and federal law enforcement agencies are preparing for possible protests at the California Capitol in Sacramento.

According to one media report, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an order to deploy 1,000 National Guard personnel to protect critical infrastructure, including the Capitol. The Sacramento police chief said officers will work 12-hour shifts and nearly all agencies in the area are daily communication to update the security plan.

Trump supporters took to the streets in several cities, descending on the states’ capitols, as events were unfolding, Jan. 6, in Washington.

Despite the support for Trump and those who took part in the insurrection, it seems that locals didn’t agree with what happened.

Our “Have Your Say” question last week asked, “Do you agree with what happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6?”

We had a total of 35 calls and each of those callers answered “no.” Miraculously, we had no hang-ups and there were no “yes” answers.

Regardless of the reason for descending on the Capitol, whether it was because they felt Trump had “invited” them to do so or whether they had other reasons, their actions cannot be condoned. 

Did they understand the magnitude of what was about to happen when they made the decision to gather that day? It’s hard to say, but regardless, five people died and several others were injured because of that group’s actions.

We hope that the inauguration goes smoothly and there are no further uprisings, either in Washington or elsewhere.

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