The list of cities opposed to Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón’s policies continues to grow.

On Wednesday morning, LA County Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Hatami posted, on his Facebook page, about the cities that have voted no confidence in the elected DA.

His post said this is the first time ever that 14 cities in Los Angeles county have voted no confidence in an elected DA.

“The LA DA says he doesn’t care,” the post said. “He says this is only ‘symbolic.’ Well, you were voted in and we can vote you out.”

It’s no secret that Hatami doesn’t agree with his boss’ policies that are soft on criminals.

He’s been vocal about his opposition to Gascón’s stance on crime. In fact, Hatami was the prosecutor in the Gabriel Fernandez case.

In recent months has not only been  visible at many events around the county related to Fernandez and Anthony Avalos, another child that was beaten and tortured and died at the hands of a parent, but he’s spoken at them, as well.

He wants to make clear that children need to be protected. It’s something that should be common sense, but with policies like Gascón’s, it’s unlikely that the perpetrators will receive what the public perceives as a “suitable punishment.”

Last week, we asked via the Have Your Say question whether you agreed with the district attorney’s office dropping the bid for the death penalty in the Avalos case. The response was a vehement “no.” There were a couple that agreed with the death penalty bid being dropped, however.

Addressing what Hatami said about the DA being voted in and so he can be voted out, we tend to wonder, if so many are opposed to Gascón’s policies, how did he manage to beat Jackie Lacey in the election?

It would seem that for all who are opposed, there must be even more who agree with his policies, otherwise he wouldn’t have been elected, right?

Regardless, Hatami is correct — just because he was elected doesn’t mean he will remain in that position. Just look at what’s happening with Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The cities that voted no confidence in Gascón are: Santa Clarita, Beverly Hills, Pico Rivera, Whitter, La Mirada, Covina, Rosemead, Azusa, Santa Fe Springs, Diamond Bar, Redondo Beach, Arcadia, Manhattan Beach and our very own Lancaster.

The momentum seems to be picking up. Could Gascón soon face a recall? That might just be the case.

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