Tuesday’s election reflects the ancient alibi among athletic coaches that, “You win some and you lose some.”

The Democrats and their enablers picked up enough momentum to create a comfortable lead in the House of Representatives, which had been dominated by the Republicans.

The GOP notched a few more wins in the Senate, giving them a cushion above the 50-vote midpoint line.

The great multitude of votes across the country means that some seats may not be decided until the counting is done ­— several days down the road.

Early returns indicated that 26-years-in-office Mayor Jim Ledford of Palmdale, who pleaded not guilty to five felony counts in a criminal corruption case, was losing. Councilman Steve Hofbauer was leading that race.

As of 12:27 a.m., Wednesday, Katie Hill and Steve Knight were still deadlocked in the 25th Congressional District race.

Hill later won that race.

Kevin McCarthy, who has been the Republican majority leader, beat Tatiana Matta with 89,568 votes (66.5%) to 45,152 (33.5%).

Measure H, Antelope Valley Healthcare District’s $350 million General Obligation bond measure lost.

Incumbent Assemblyman Tom Lackey, R-Palmdale, was leading his Democratic predecessor, Steve Fox. Lackey had 21,381 votes (58.9%). Fox had 14,909 41.1%)

Early returns for Acton-Agua Dulce Unified School District’s Measure CK showed the $7.5 million bond measure failing to top the required 55% of the votes.

In Kern County, three measures were losing: A 1% sales tax hike and two marijuana proposals.

Results Wednesday morning showed that the Democrats gained 27 House seats to own 220 positions, while the Republicans lost 27 seats to drop to 194 members.

The Republicans gained a 51-member majority in the Senate. The Dems lost two Senate seats to end up with just 45.

The Democrats gained seven gubernatorial seats with 22 elected and the Republicans lost seven, to hold onto 25 governor positions.

More than 100 women were projected to win seats in the House of Representatives, easily shattering the record. Most of them were Democrats.

Women have never held more than 84 of the 435 seats in the House.

Women also made gains in gubernatorial races, which are particularly important because of upcoming redistricting battles.

Political analysts said that liberals and moderates banded together to deliver a forceful rebuke to President Donald Trump — although it’s expected that he’ll brag about having a clear-cut 50-plus majority in the Senate.

It was also pointed out that in an indication that the political and cultural division that lifted Trump two years ago, may only be deepening. The Democratic gains failed to give them a majority in the Senate, where many of the most competitive races were in heavily rural states.

At an election night celebration in Washington, Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic minority leader in the House, who may soon return to the office of House speaker, signaled how central the theme of checking Trump and cleaning up government was to the party’s success.

But at a meeting of Democratic donors and strategists earlier on Tuesday, she signaled there were lines she would not cross next year. Attempting to impeach Trump, she said, was not on the agenda.

Even so, the Democrats’ House takeover represented a clarion call that a majority of the country wants to see limits on Trump for the next two years of his term.  

With the opposition now wielding subpoena power and the investigation by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, still looming, the president is facing a drastically more hostile political environment in the lead up to his re-election.

Don’t be surprised if Trump begins to travel to more rallies for his 2020 run very soon.

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