People seem to be getting more health-conscious and taking inventory of their bad habits, in an effort to have better overall health and prolong their longevity.

We’ve known for decades that smoking cigarettes is bad for us. Many of us saw family members smoke over the years, only to suffer with lung problems, heart issues and myriad other illnesses associated with smoking. 

Many of us had family members die from health issues associated with smoking, such as cancer, heart attack and stroke. 

Still, that hasn’t stopped some of us and even the younger generations, from picking up the bad habit.

Anti-smoking commercials have taken the place of cigarette commercials over the years, but that still has not deterred people from smoking — and now the Food and Drug Administration has authorized a set of e-cigarette products for sale in the United States for the first time, after it concluded that the benefit to adults would outweigh the risk to young people.

The move came Tuesday, with the authorization of an e-cigarette device and two accompanying nicotine cartridge products, which are sold by R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, under the name Vuse. 

The FDA, however, denied requests from R.J. Reynolds for 10 flavored products, saying that young people usually start using e-cigarettes with flavors that are minty, taste like candy or are fruity, not with tobacco.

We’re not sure what planet the FDA lives on, but back before vaping was even heard of, youngsters tried their hand at smoking with plain — sometimes non-filtered — cigarettes that they swiped from a smoker in their house or from a friend who had them. 

Since when is tobacco less likely to be a starting point for a young person to begin smoking? 

Of course, the fruity, minty and candy-like flavors of vape are probably more appealing, but wouldn’t that be true for adults and youth, alike? The taste of tobacco isn’t pleasant, so why wouldn’t someone want something that tastes good, while still getting nicotine?

The FDA’s approval of Vuse and the tobacco cartridge products signals a huge victory in the war against big tobacco and what they are peddling. 

The FDA weighed the options and decided that it would put its stamp of approval on the products, despite the fact that nicotine is still toxic and tobacco still kills — it doesn’t matter what flavor or package it comes in.

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