Not even a pandemic can stop Antelope Valley Union School District Board Members Victoria Ruffin and Amanda Parrell from trying to push their agendas — or at least keep the Board from making any progress.

Once again, they have taken aim at the Antelope Valley Press and voted down advertising in the Antelope Valley’s newspaper of record.

On Thursday, they rejected purchase orders in the amount of $2,119.68, that would have covered the cost of legal advertising for Partners in Nutrition Cooperative, or PINCO, a food co-op of 38 school districts in California, led by the AV Union High School District, under a Joint Powers Agreement.

They also voted against advertising in the Valley Press’s “Welcome” edition, which is published every October.

Despite Assistant Superintendent of Business Services Brian Hawkins explaining that the AV Press is covered as a newspaper of general circulation, the duo insisted that Dos Nations newspaper and radio station should instead be given the opportunity to have the bid.

Under state law, when the district does local produce bids, it is required to publish legal advertising in a newspaper of general circulation. Nothing for Dos Nations could immediately be found, when trying to determine whether they’re considered a newspaper of record.

Since when does Ruffin care about being fair?

Everything she’s done, thus far, in her capacity on the Board has been either out of malice of malfeasance — or both. From voting to award contracts to friends, to blocking votes that would be beneficial to the district and it’s students, there seems to be no end to what she will do, if crossed.

We can’t help but think our coverage of her, Parrell and former Board president Robert Davis has something to do with her latest decision.

One only has to look at her online blog to know what she thinks of the AV Press. She hides behind the “anonymous” posts, but doesn’t hide her disdain for the publication or employees. She’s gone as far as to bring up personal information and question personal purchases made by an employee.

Apparently she doesn’t realize that purchases in the capacity as an elected official are public record, whereas a person who is not serving in that capacity is not held to the same standard.

Our coverage has been spot-on, in revealing what’s going on in the District and on the Board. But the issues don’t stop with the AVUHSD. Ruffin was placed on administrative leave from her job as director of Special Education with Oxnard Union High School District, following a letter of no confidence signed by 76 district employees who worked with her, plus another 49 who wanted to remain anonymous.

Their concerns and dissatisfaction with Ruffin’s leadership were so profound and widespread that they wrote the letter emboldened by safety in numbers after expressing concerns verbally.

The behavior cited in the letter mirrors what she has exhibited at AV Union High School District Board meetings. She was even called out by a member of the public for being a bully on the AVUHSD Board.

Parrell on the other hand, just goes along with Ruffin and never says a word.

That doesn’t stop her from causing damage, though.

We will keep reporting on these two and the issues the district faces. We just hope voters remember all of this nonsense when the time comes to fill those seats.

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