The Antelope Valley experienced another tragic shooting on Thursday afternoon in Lake Los Angeles.

Deputies responded to a call regarding an assault with a deadly weapon in progress. The call indicated the armed man was pointing the gun at cars. 

As they responded, the call was upgraded to the man shooting at vehicles.

When deputies arrived, they spoke with several victims and deputies heard what they thought was gunfire. They quickly removed the victims and set up a containment area, focusing on a home in the area of Rawhide Avenue.

While they were clearing the area, they spotted the Hispanic man in his 50s, as he exited a nearby structure, holding what looked like a shotgun or rifle. 

He was shot by deputies and even though the Special Enforcement Bureau responded and tried to save his life, he died on scene.

A metal object resembling a long rifle-type of weapon was recovered.

“It appears that it could possibly be something that was operable, it doesn’t appear to be operable, where it can be fired, but it does resemble a rifle or shotgun,” Lt. Charles Calderaro of the Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau said.

Rocks and other debris was found in the middle of the road, possibly placed there by the suspect as a way to slow down or impede traffic.

It’s unknown whether the man was suffering from mental illness. No one else was harmed.

We don’t know the man’s name or where he’s from. Or even why he was out there with what appeared to be a rifle. Deputies likely acted swiftly and in what they thought was the best possible way, to ensure the safety of the general public. That doesn’t take away from the fact that a life was lost and a family’s lives will be forever altered. Many more lives could have been impacted. 

Was this man a danger? We’re not sure. It appeared that he was, as the victims said he was shooting at vehicles. However, Calderaro said after the fact, that he wasn’t sure if the “weapon” they found was operable and capable of firing. If it wasn’t, then what were the victims talking about?

Hopefully the investigators are able to sort through the details and gain some clarification regarding exactly what happened. 

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