As of this writing, it’s been six days since Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered all Californians to stay home.

Stores are still trying to recover from the panic buying of a couple weeks ago, but slowly, items like water, toilet paper, paper towels and even food are beginning to be restocked.

We are beginning to settle into our new “normal,” which isn’t necessarily something that we’re OK with, but are trying to come to grips with.

The Antelope Valley Press staff is also beginning to adjust to a new way of doing business.

Last week, we asked that customers contact us via email or telephone, because our front lobby is closed. So far, that’s been working well for us. We hope it’s been working well for you, too.

Because there is so much information to convey to our readers, and only so many pages in the newspaper, we have been keeping up with it all by posting items to our Facebook page. Many of you have begun following us and have liked our page. We thank you for that.

In addition, we post our local COVID-19 stories to our web page. As a way to inform the masses, we post links to our Facebook page, which, if clicked on, will take you to the story on our website, where you can read the content for free.

Some of our followers are subscribers, some are not, but we want to provide information, regardless.

We’ve received some comments lately about how all of our COVID-19 stories should be free. If you access them via Facebook, they are. If you go directly to the website and do not have an online subscription, you will be able to view three stories for free before you’re asked to pay for them.

Normally, we charge .99 for a one-day subscription. We’ve cut that in half, so you can purchase a one-day subscription for .50.

We understand the importance of bringing you the news, but it seems that some don’t understand what is required to do so.

During this pandemic, we’ve seen the community supporting locals businesses, in particular, restaurants.

We completely agree that they and other businesses need our support. However, please don’t forget that we are also a local business that requires support.

How can you support your local newspaper? The answer is easy: Please continue to read us and buy the paper. Digital subscriptions count, too.

Continuing to ask us to give away content is not showing support. Would you ask a restaurant for a free meal? Would you ask a retailer for a free package of toilet paper?

The employees at the Antelope Valley Press are your friends, family members and neighbors. We frequent the same retailers and other businesses that you do — we just happen to bring you the news. Let’s ensure we can continue to do that.

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